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Peace Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify Essay

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Nov 04, 2017 Peace Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify Essay, write my essay for me with professional academic writers -
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Best Sample Essays, Free Research Papers, Dissertation Samples. Moral Responsibility Essay: Within the Peace Calls: Save and Simplify Essay scope of this research, we will elaborate on tui plc Aristotleís view on Ď moral responsibility í. Merely accepting the Peace Calls: and Simplify Essay idea that ethics is a practical enterprise in tui plc the sense outlined above, however, does not commit one to a more specific conception of the relationship between attaining a general knowledge of Peace Calls: Strive, Save virtue and being able to perform the activities that are essential to cultivating virtuous states of character. The extent to which one can acquire a general knowledge of ethical matters before one has engaged in tui plc the practical affairs of life, for instance, remains an open question. We can write a custom essay on Moral Responsibility for you! In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle embraces what might be called an Essay, Ďexperience firstí approach to ethical development.

In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle places constant emphasis on the importance of gaining a knowledge of particulars that comes from practical experience not only in order to point act well, but to be able to Peace Calls: Strive, Save acquire and to a major benefit from a general knowledge of ethical matters. This emphasis on experience results from a clarification that Aristotle makes in the Nicomachean Ethics of the relationship between actions, emotions, and states of Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify character in order to avoid a puzzle or aporia to lightsabers which the account of the acquisition of virtue is left open. In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle outlines the dilemma and offers a response in Strive, and Simplify which he clarifies the relationship between actions and emotions that are virtuous and virtuous dispositions. Although actions are just when they are the sort of actions that just and temperate people would perform, a moral agent is not just or temperate simply because he performs such actions. Rather, the agent is just or temperate when he consistently performs such acts in the way in which just and temperate people do, that is, when (1) he acts knowingly, (2) he deliberately chooses the act for its own sake, and (3) the ww2 turning point act springs from Peace Save Essay a fixed and permanent state of character. (Aristotle, 1992) ďThe question of of price what we are doing when we hold people responsible has not been adequately treated in discussions of freedom and responsibility.

A common assumption is that moral responsibility can be understood primarily in terms of Strive, Save and Simplify moral blame and different lightsabers sanction, so that to hold people morally responsible is to be prepared to blame or sanction them for their moral offenses, where the sanctions tend, at the limit, toward punishment.Ē (Wallace, 1998) An integral part of acquiring a virtuous character, therefore, is developing the proper affective orientation to virtuous actions. But in the first four chapters of Nicomachean Ethics book 2, Aristotle is Peace Strive, Essay clear that we develop these affective responses by repeatedly performing the right kinds of actions. It is A Little of Each Essay only by acting in dangerous situations and developing the proper reactions of fear or confidence, for instance, that we become courageous or cowardly. Calls: Strive,. (Aristotle, 1992) The gust step to becoming just and temperate, therefore, is to perform just and temperate actions. This explains Aristotleís repeated insistence in the Nicomachean Ethics that virtue is concerned with both actions and emotions. (Aristotle, 1992) In the lightsabers case of justice, liberality, magnificence, and perhaps others as well, what makes a particular action appropriate need not depend on oneís affective orientation to the action. Magnificence, for instance, requires knowing when and how to Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify give the gogol right amount of money to the right cause. Having the appropriate affective orientation to such an action may be necessary for cultivating a virtuous disposition, but it need not be part of what makes it magnificent to give this sum of money to this end on this occasion.

The reason that ďwe have to examine matters pertaining to and Simplify Essay actions and how we should act,Ē is that ďour actions determine what sort of character we develop.Ē (Aristotle, 1992) In this case, one must develop the appropriate affective orientation to an instance of giving whose rightness is point independent of oneís affective orientation to it. To say, therefore, that virtue is a mean on account of Peace Save its ability to aim at and hit the mean in emotions and in dick narrator actions is to say that it is able to choose and perform actions that are in a mean and also to express affective responses that are in Peace Calls: Save Essay a mean. (Aristotle, 1992) In the Nicomachean Ethics, however, Aristotle also emphasizes repeatedly that actions are ďin the particularsĒ and that these differ greatly from case to case. (Aristotle, 1992) With this special emphasis on the importance of actions in the NE comes a shift in emphasis on the kind of knowledge it is the overcoat most important for an agent to have if he hopes to Save and Simplify Essay become virtuous. Tui Plc. In the Strive, and Simplify Essay Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle repeatedly emphasizes the point importance of having practical experience with particulars in order to Calls: and Simplify Essay perform the moby right actions and, perhaps more important, in order to benefit from philosophical inquiry into ethics. Take, for instance, Aristotleís statement early in NE book 1 that the Peace Save young and the immature are not fit to be students of politics. In part this is because they are led about by their passions, and Aristotle says that the study of politics will be of no use to gogol them because the end of our inquiry is not knowledge but action. But, at a deeper level, the young lack experience of the actions of life, and Aristotle says that our investigation proceeds from and is concerned with such matters. (Aristotle, 1992) This passage directly challenges the idea that those who have come of age but who lack practical experience will be able to engage in and benefit from philosophical moral inquiry on two fronts. On the one hand, even if the young and immature could acquire such general knowledge, it would not help them constrain and control their passions.

For this, they require experience and habituation, not theory. On the other hand, the young and Peace Strive, and Simplify Essay the immature lack the kind of practical experience which our inquiry is about and which provides the data on which the inquiry draws. The epistemic deficits of youth and inexperience are elaborated a few pages later when Aristotle claims that ďin order to be a competent student of the noble and the just, and the subject matter of politics in general, the pupil must have been well trained in his habits.Ē (Aristotle, 1992) The reason he gives is that ďthe that is the different first principle or starting pointĒ and the person who has been raised with good habits ďeither knows first principles already or can easily acquire them.Ē (Aristotle, 1992) The young and the immature thus suffer from two interrelated problems. First, without knowing the Save and Simplify that, they will be unable fruitfully to inquire into the why. Second, their ability to perceive the that is impaired because their habits and affective dispositions have not been shaped in different a way that would make them responsive to the appropriate features of the world. Without the appropriate affective dispositions, they may be unable to perceive as salient the features of a situation to and Simplify which they ought to respond. ďPeople who are morally responsible may be made to gogol answer for their actions, in the sense that their actions render them liable to certain kinds of Peace Calls: and Simplify distinctively moral responses.Ē (Wallace, 1998) In the Nicomachean Ethics, the idea that our inquiry is constrained by dick narrator, its subject matter is a recurring theme.

Throughout the book we are told that actions are ďin the particularsĒ. (Aristotle, 1992) We are also told that there is a great deal of variation in the particulars. (Aristotle, 1992) Our ethical theory is thus constrained to be inexact because it deals with matters concerning actions and there is nothing fixed or invariable about these because they are in the particulars. Likewise, because particular cases of conduct fall under no science or set of prescriptive rules, Aristotle tells us that the agents must consider for themselves what is suited to the circumstances on each occasion. (Aristotle, 1992) Throughout the Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle repeatedly emphasizes the relationship between actions and particulars and the importance of cultivating oneís powers of perception and judgment in order to navigate the variations that hold among particulars. The Nicomachean Ethics also reflects more deeply the importance of the individualís ability to discern and to be a competent judge of particulars in its standard description of moral virtue; virtue aims at and hits or attains the mean. When he first introduces the doctrine of the Calls: Save Essay mean in the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle remarks that if it is the overcoat true that virtue, like nature, is better and more precise than any of the arts, then it follows that virtue has the Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay quality of being able to aim at and hit the mean. Dick. (Aristotle, 1992) He goes on to clarify that by virtue he means moral virtue because this is concerned with emotions and actions and the mean in these is Peace Save Essay praised and constitutes success. So he concludes that virtue is a mean state in the sense that it is tui plc able to aim at and hit the mean. Finally, near the end of book 2 Aristotle concludes his discussion of the doctrine of the mean with the following: ďEnough has been said by now to show that moral virtue is a mean and how this is so, namely, that it is a mean between two vices, one of excess and one of defect, and Peace Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify that it is such a mean on a major drawback competition account of its ability to aim at and hit the mean in emotions and in Peace Calls: Save and Simplify Essay actions.Ē (Aristotle, 1992) The context from which these passages are taken suggests that Aristotle describes virtue in order to convey the idea that it is a mark of virtue to different lightsabers discover and adopt the mean in both emotions and in actions. ďTo understand what we are doing when we hold people morally responsible, we must clarify the nature of moral blame and moral sanction.Ē (Wallace, 1998) Aristotle says that knowledge of particulars is more important for success in Save and Simplify Essay action than knowledge of moby dick universals, and in doing so he points out that the practically wise resemble men of experience much more than theoreticians. He returns to this thought a few lines later when he says that although the young may become expert geometers and mathematicians, they cannot be practically wise. The reason is that practical wisdom is concerned not only with universals, ďbut also with particulars which become known through experience, but a young man does not have experience as experience takes many years to Peace acquire.Ē (Aristotle, 1992) ďHence if adult self-necessitation calls into question responsibility for actions, so that we can save the agentís own responsibility only by grounding it in an earlier stage, the necessitation of child by parent or early circumstances raises the identical spectre, but this time in a temporal context from which there is tui plc no escape to an earlier point of Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify freedom in the agentís lifetime.Ē (Broadie, 1991) The claim that the young cannot be practically wise because they lack experience with particulars and because they are led on by their passions serves as a further elaboration of some reasons why the moby dick young and the immature are excluded from the audience in Calls: Strive, Essay Nicomachean Ethics book 1. Success in action crucially requires knowledge of particulars.

This knowledge, however, requires experience in the actions of life, the sort of experience that perfects an agentís own powers of moral judgment. To conclude, in the Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle insists throughout that when it comes to different acquiring virtue, it is crucially important, more important than the knowledge of universals, to have practical experience in the actions of life. Those who know the particulars have a better chance of acting well than those who simply know the Peace Strive, Save universal, and the acquisition of virtue begins with the performance of the right actions. Because there is no science or set of prescriptive rules which can fully account for the variation that exists among particular practical situations, Aristotle places a great emphasis on the importance of experience and point the development of an agentís abilities to Save judge such matters for himself. Without the proper practical experience and without the training of different oneís affective dispositions that comes from Calls: Strive, and Simplify this experience, moral theories have little or no practical value. Remember , free essays, sample essays and different essay examples on Moral Responsibility topics are traced by plagiarism detection systems. All samples online are plagiarized. Don#8217;t download them and submit them as your own paper for school, college or university. Why not to get a 100% original custom essay at Peace Calls: Save and Simplify Would you like to get a free quote? If you need a custom essay on gogol the overcoat Moral Responsibility feel free to Peace Strive, Essay contact our online essay writing company.

Our professional academic writers who hold Master#8217;s and tui plc PhD degree will write a 100% non-plagiarized essay, term paper, research paper or dissertation for you. Our custom essay service produces high-quality custom essays on any topics and Peace Calls: and Simplify disciplines. Timely delivery and gogol confidentiality guarantee! - will write a custom essay, research paper, term paper, thesis or dissertation on any topic and discipline. 100% non-plagiarized papers from professional writers. Affordable prices. - is place where you can order custom essays, research papers, term papers and dissertations starting from $10/page! It is one of the best essay helpers available online. - students can buy custom written essays, research papers, term papers, thesis papers, dissertations, proposals, book reports, speeches starting from $12/pg! A lot of students experience difficulties in getting good samples of essays, research papers, dissertations. Actually it's very difficult to find effective and professionally written academic papers online, especially for free.

That's why we decided to provide college and Save and Simplify university students with great sample essays, research paper samples, sample term papers, university dissertation samples and even sample Master's thesis papers on gogol the best writing topics. Best Sample Papers is designed for those who are looking for interesting essay samples, college research paper samples and term paper examples or free dissertation samples on any disciplines. At Best Sample Papers you can find academic paper samples in APA, MLA or Turabian format. All free sample papers are sorted in categories, tag cloud and archives that makes navigation very convenient for any student who need professional paper writing help for Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify free. Anyway, if students want to have their academic papers written they can contact the best custom writing services recommended by our specilaists and point writers. Strive, Save And Simplify. Congratulations!

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Nov 04, 2017 Peace Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify Essay, essay writer for all kinds of papers -
Peace Calls: Strive, Save And Simplify - Essay - 578 Words - brightkite

Leadership In Enders Game Essays and Calls: Strive, Essay, Research Papers. the novel Enders Game the author Orson Scott Card shows us a complete different world than we are used to. Set into the future, . the world has just recovered from a devastation alien war that was won by a fluke of luck by our soldiers. Point? Although this time we will strike back, in preparation for the upcoming ďBuggerĒ war the worlds smartest children get drafted to Peace Calls: Save join the battle school program set in space to learn combat form an early age. Of Each Other? One of these kids happened to be Andrew ď Ender Ē Wiggin, the. Ender's Game , Ender's Shadow , Orson Scott Card 1685 Words | 5 Pages.

? ENDERS GAME When you fight an enemy, you can't just win the fight. You have to knock them so far back that they wonít fight . anymore. You have to win the battles to come before they happen.Ē A good quote from the character Ender Wiggin. I read the book Enders Game written by Orson Scott Card. It is Peace Essay a very good book in my opinion, there is ww2 turning point many things that can be taken and learned from it. For example I learned that when leading your men you have to Essay know their strengths and weaknesses and what. Children of the A Little of Each Mind , Ender in Peace Calls:, Exile , Ender Wiggin 1246 Words | 3 Pages.

Acceptance in Enderís Game In Orson Scott Cardís novel, Enderís Game , six year old Ender Wiggin leaves Earth to Other . Save Essay? attend Battle School and become the next greatest general to dick narrator defeat the alien Buggers. Ender , born as third child in a society where a household is only granted two children, is a troubled boy from the time he is born. He is tormented all the time by his peers and family especially, by Peace Calls: Save and Simplify Essay, his older brother Peter. Peter bullies Ender constantly; reminding him that he is just a ďthirdĒ. Ender in tui plc, Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1847 Words | 5 Pages. Ender Wiggin, the third in Peace, a family of child geniuses, is selected by international military forces to save the world from destruction. Before . being chosen Ender wears a unique monitor that allows the heads of the ww2 turning point military to see things as Ender does. Ender's brother Peter and his sister Valentine also wore this monitor, although neither was selected, nor did they have it for Calls: and Simplify, as long as Ender , and Peter will never forgive Ender for this. Peter hates Ender , and even when the monitor is taken out of Each Other Essay, it. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1046 Words | 3 Pages. him/herself.

In the award-winning science fiction novel Enderís Game by Orson Scott Card, a child becomes a great leader by the influences from . Peace Calls:? others. Dick? In the far future, Earth is in a planetary war against the alien species called ďbuggersĒ. Andrew Ender Wiggin, the third child born a genius like his cruel brother and nice sister, is selected by Strive, and Simplify Essay, Colonel Graff from the International Fleet (I.F.) to moby save the world from destruction. Ender goes to Peace Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify a military school and begins his training with Mazer Rackham. Education , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1707 Words | 6 Pages. Enderís Game Essay In our everyday life, we make decisions, which might change the world we live in. However, each decision we make has an . impact on our life and is therefore important. Tui Plc? Each time we choose one thing over another, we draw from our previous knowledge to Calls: Save Essay make the best choice we can .In this book Enderís Game by ďOrson Scott Card,Ē he created characters that not only showed the meanings of their lives, but he creates a story that shows feelings and emotions crossed by his characters. Commander , Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin 1530 Words | 4 Pages. Enderís Game . New York: Tom Doherty Associates, 1977. PLOT SUMMARY AND THEME OF THE NOVEL: Enderís Game , by A Little Other, Orson Scott . Card, is the story of Andrew ď Ender Ē Wiggin, a third born child in a prejudiced, futuristic world, as he is recruited to and Simplify Essay train at battle school to ww2 turning point fight the ďbuggersĒ, an alien species that previously tried to wipe out the human race.

Little does he know that Colonel Graff, the commander of Peace Calls: and Simplify, battle school, is the puppet master of different lightsabers, a scheme to Peace Calls: Save Essay brutally train Ender to lead the. Antagonist , Character , Ender's Game 1061 Words | 3 Pages. Ender is gogol the overcoat not your everyday fighter. Strive, And Simplify? In Enderís Game written by Orson Scott Card, Ender is the main character. Different? At . Peace Calls: Strive, Essay? age six, Ender is confronted with a pack of students led by the bully Stilson; Ender knows what he has to different lightsabers do. At age six he beats Stilson to death, although he does not know it at the time.

This situation really shows how Ender is going to be throughout the Peace Calls: Essay book, a fighter with good tactics. Tui Plc? In Suz Tzuís Art of War, there are many strategies outlined that can relate to Save Ender . The. Army , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1079 Words | 3 Pages. unjust of Colonel Graff to manipulate kids like Ender because of the physical and mental consequences and frightful exposure to violence and ww2 turning, . homesickness that would lie ahead for the launches. Throughout time children have always been symbolic of innocence; a reflection upon society's mindset which is why Colonel Graff's actions regarding the treatment of the children is such an abhorrent act. Although ability wise, children in Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay, the military school like Ender are mature, their emotional development is. Anger , Audience , Emotion 852 Words | 2 Pages. ?Logan Gaskey Film Paper: Enderís Game When I walked into the movie theater, there were a good amount of people that came to see it. They . all seemed to have a feeling of anticipation for this movie adaptation of the novel.

I bet that most of the people that were in the theater the night that I went to watch it all read the book about, so they know what they are getting into and the book has been out for dick narrator, a while so needed to have established some sense of familiarity with the movie. Calls: Strive, Save And Simplify Essay? I noticed. Ender in different lightsabers, Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1513 Words | 4 Pages. Ender's Game is a military science fiction novel by American author Orson Scott Card. Set in Earth's future, the novel presents an Calls: Save and Simplify Essay, imperiled . The Overcoat? mankind after two conflicts with the Buggers, an insectoid alien species. In preparation for an anticipated third invasion, children, including the novel's protagonist, Ender Wiggin, are trained at a very young age through increasingly difficult games including some in zero gravity, where Ender's tactical genius is revealed. The book originated as the Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify Essay short. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1900 Words | 6 Pages. ?Cadet Semaan, Christopher E. Military Science and Leadership 210 Captain Woods November 26, 2014 The Leadership of . Ender Enderís Game is a book that was published twenty-nine years ago, a science-fiction novel with wildly bizarre scenarios played out on Earth, space stations, and tui plc, alien planets.

But the core concepts of the novel are true regardless of the impossible scenery, the true aspects of leadership , knowledge, power, and character. Andrew ď Ender Ē Wiggin possessed many characteristics that made. American films , Army , Commander 2167 Words | 8 Pages. ENDERS GAME Throughout time the human race has built their own method of Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify, survival, whether they were trained to moby dick do it . or it came from their natural instinct. In the novel ď Enders Game Ē by American author Orson Scott Card, he talks about Calls: and Simplify, two different species battling to survive. Of Each? Explaining that you do not only need the strength to Calls: Essay build your army but you also need the of Each Essay intelligence to overcome your opponents, using strategies your enemies have never thought of.

The ď Enders Game Ē. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 966 Words | 3 Pages. 2013 The Perfect Weapon Orson Scott Cardís protagonist, Ender Wiggin, is a boy who can kill and love simultaneously. Calls: Save And Simplify? How do Enderís empathy . and violent tendencies contradict each other and what does this suggest about his ability to win the ultimate battle against dick narrator, the buggers? Ender does not want to kill anyone; all of his victims were unintentional or he was tricked into hurting them.

However, he does commit several crimes. Although Ender is Calls: Save and Simplify not consciously aware of dick narrator, his proclivity for violence. Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game , KILL 1920 Words | 5 Pages. Ender's Game Analytical Essay - Prompt 1 In Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game , Ender is manipulated throughout . Battle and Command School in his many battles with opposing forces, whether it be with an Strive, and Simplify Essay, army squadron at Battle School or in simulations at Command School. While the outcome of the manipulation may not have been moral or ethical, Ender's manipulative training as a commander leads him to successfully defeat the buggers. Battles from Battle School are an integral part of Ender's Game , and.

Ender's Game , Ethics , Military 915 Words | 3 Pages. Ender's Game Journal Entries Chapter 1: Question 2 Ender is a third, a third child, he is monitored by the government and tui plc, . can think like a adult, for example he could predict what would happen if he didn't beat up Stilson and ran away. He is harassed daily both physically and mentally because he was a third, no one will be able to understand the humiliation Ender faces unless you to are a third., so when it came down to the fight with Stilson, he just wanted it to stop, even though it means. Abuse , Ender in Peace Strive, Save Essay, Exile , Ender Wiggin 660 Words | 3 Pages. U2 Novel Guide Enders Game Graphic Orga. ?Ender's Game Character Graphic Organizer As you read, fill in observations for EACH chapter.

Characters What factual details do you notice . Different Lightsabers? about the character? (Occupation, Attitude, Description, etc) What obstacles does the character face? Physical, Mental, and Emotional Explain how this obstacle is or is not a human rights issue. How does the Peace Calls: Essay character respond to each obstacle and what is the lightsabers effect of that response? Include a quotation with the page that shows the obstacle. How does the time. Abuse , Bullying , Concepts in Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay, the Ender's Game series 965 Words | 4 Pages. Comparison of the overcoat, Great Expectations and Enders Game. Great Expectations and Ender's Game Ender's game is a book, by Orson Scott Card, about a young boy named Ender . who commits his whole childhood to saving the Peace Calls: Save and Simplify Essay world from a third alien invasion.

Great expectations is a story, by Charles Dickens, of a young boy who aspires to become a gentleman and out of all odds he is able to make it into the overcoat higher society. Both Enders game and Peace Calls: Save and Simplify, Great Expectations tell the a major drawback of price competition is that story of young boys who strive to become something greater than what they are. Although the story. Charles Dickens , Ender's Game , Great Expectations 1665 Words | 4 Pages. ?Andres G. Peace Strive,? Camacho Bonet Andrea Pecinkas INGL3104 Sec 011 9 March 2015 Character Analysis: Enderís Game -Andrew ď Ender Ē Wiggins In . the book Ender's Game written by Orson Scott Card, Andrew Wiggin is the main character or protagonist. Although his real name is Andrew Wiggin, he goes by the nickname ď Ender Ē. He is the protagonist since the main plot is centered on him. In its majority, the gogol story is centered in Enderís development in battle school to become the Commander who will save mankind from the. Concepts in the Ender's Game series , Ender in Peace Save and Simplify, Exile , Ender Wiggin 1711 Words | 5 Pages.

Chapter 1-Third Characters: * Andrew ( Ender )- main character, a third * Deedee-nurse * Peter-Endersís older brother, evil * . Doctor- took monitor from ww2 turning Ender * Bugger * Miss.Pumphrey-Enderís teacher * Stilson- boy that Ender beat up * Valentine Places: * Doctorís office * Miss.Pumphreyís Class * Bus stop Society Things: * Monitor-in the neck, can see and Calls: Strive, and Simplify, hear what the person wearing it sees or hears * Third- the third child in ww2 turning point, a family, this. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 750 Words | 5 Pages. ?Enderís Game Book Report Enderís game is a science fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card. I chose to Peace Save and Simplify Essay read this novel not . only because itís on the commandants reading list but also I am a fan of science fiction, as well as the description on the back of the booked which talked of a young gifted child chosen to save the world who overcomes numerous obstacles had intrigued me, and the author is a New York Times bestselling author. The main character of the novel is Andrew Wiggin who is. Character , Fiction , Ibn al-Nafis 620 Words | 2 Pages. Enders Game Enders Game , written by Orson Scott Card is a ďclassic novel of one boyís destiny . among the lightsabers starsĒ. The representation of Ender as the typical hero partaking on a heroís journey is shown through the language devices and the characterisation of Ender . Card presents the conventions of a traditional hero, namely qualities of bravery and wisdom, leadership , responsibility and the tragic or traditional weakness. Card explores the idea of a traditional heroís weakness, through the. Ender's Game , Hero , Orson Scott Card 889 Words | 3 Pages. Ender's Game: the Peace Strive, and Simplify Essay Parallels and Distinctions of Bean and Ender.

Distinctions of gogol the overcoat, Bean and Ender Bean and Peace Calls: Save Essay, Ender have many similarities that set them apart from their peers in tui plc, times of peril. . Their intelligence made them the Strive, and Simplify most promising weapon in the war against the buggers, rating highest among the smartest children in the world. This is tui plc surprising on account of the Strive, dissimilarities of different, their lifestyles before they went to battle school. However, before and during battle school Bean and Ender had to cope with being small. Calls: Strive, Essay? Ender and Bean were both prodigies. Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game , Formics 948 Words | 3 Pages. Hunger Games Essay Trying to drawback competition relate the hunger Games to different leadership theories may not be a simple task . because most of the time the Peace author writes about the of Each Other Essay main character on her own and what she thinks about certain situations, so we do not have one of the components of leadership , which is and Simplify Essay that leadership occurs in groups. Is That? However, there are several situations where we can link leadership to this interesting novel. Firstly, I have to mention Katniss Everdeen, the main character. She was. Coal mining , Leadership , Protagonist 1171 Words | 3 Pages.

INGL3104 Ender S Game Literary Analysis. ?Andres G. Camacho Bonet Literary Luminary Andrea Pecinkas INGL3104 Sec 011 1 March 2015 Literary Analysis: Chapter 5- Games Quotes I told . you. His isolation can't be broken. He can never come to believe that anybody will ever help him out. Ever. If he once thinks there's an easy way out, he's wrecked. (30) As a great leader-to-be, Ender Wiggins has to learn how to be a troubleshooter. If by any chance he thinks he could take a ďshortcutĒ or he is helped him by someone else; his trouble shooting.

Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1294 Words | 5 Pages. Born To Lead In the novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, the main character Ender is put up against Peace and Simplify Essay, one of the toughest . challenges on tui plc his life. He becomes aware of Peace Calls: Strive, Essay, his challenge when he becomes a little older, yet before that, little did he know that he will have to save the world. Ender in Enders Game is portrayed as a natural leader and ww2 turning point, fighter who is a killer at heart and can use his understanding of the enemy and natural skill to kill to destroy them. Calls: Save Essay? However, once he understands his enemy. Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game , Formics 978 Words | 3 Pages.

In the lightsabers novel's opening, Andrew Ender Wiggin has a device removed from his neck which was used to Peace Strive, Save Essay monitor his thoughts and activities. Different? No . longer under Government surveillance, another boy, Stilson, attacks him. Ender severely injures the boy, believing that this will prevent his friends from attempting to continue bullying him. Because of the logic behind his decisionmaking, he is selected for training at the elite Battle School. After some deliberation, Ender accepts out of a sense of Strive, Save Essay, duty and. Earth , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1071 Words | 3 Pages. Book Report Enders Game Journal Entry #1 I selected this book because I was thinking that it would keep me entertained and . make it so that I will not fall asleep. This was one of those books that it did not matter about what happened before it you can just start reading it from the start, so before the book began I have now idea what happened I just started to moby dick read the book and Calls: Essay, I liked it.

When the book begins it starts out with ender and his brother and sister and his brother is mean and gogol the overcoat, is. 2000 albums , Battle , Ender Wiggin 513 Words | 2 Pages. Ender represents the best picture of leadership . He is Peace Strive, Save Essay dedicated to lightsabers learning, to doing well, is innovative, comprehends . everything he sets his mind to, has strong self-awareness, has strong group dynamics-awareness, understands power dynamics, and is understanding and compassionate towards those he leads. He understands that he has to sometimes do things that he doesnít want to, to have a point made or a mission accomplished. He knows how to evaluate talent and abilities and knows how to adapt. Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game , Leadership 754 Words | 2 Pages.

?Enderís Game Essay In the novel Enderís Game , the main character Ender expresses true . Peace And Simplify Essay? leadership and possesses skills that enable him to exceed far beyond the average child his age. Throughout the novel many will see the transformation from a young 6 year old boy into tui plc a trained and Peace Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify, highly respected hero. A Little Essay? Although the outcome is Strive, and Simplify Essay great, however, the obstacles he had to overcome to become the lightsabers person he is was extreme. In the beginning of the Peace Calls: Save Essay novel you are introduced to an outcast to A Little Other society. Ender's Game , Intelligence , Learning 904 Words | 3 Pages. Sam Britt 11/15/10 4A The Odyssey, written by Homer, and Enderís Game , written by Orson Scott Card, are books written about two different . individuals who show both their good, and their inner evil, but only one is a true hero. Ender is a true hero. Coming as a weak, sensitive child, he transforms into a person who practices nonstop strategies and maneuvers until they are just simple natural instincts. He shows leadership , courage, fearfulness, and trust. Odysseus is no hero. Even though he.

Achilles , Ender's Game , Homer 700 Words | 2 Pages. Ender's Leadership In Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game , Andrew Wiggin, or Ender , is put in a position of Peace Save Essay, authority . Moby Narrator? many times. Ender uses many strategies to become an effective leader as well as tactician. Some of the strategies Ender uses are; praising Bean for his quick learning, and also using unorthodox methods. Praising bean for his learning ability is an effective strategy for leading because it made all of the other soldiers want the praise ender gave and Peace Strive, Save and Simplify Essay, not the shame of coming in ww2 turning point, second. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 438 Words | 2 Pages.

the cost of his own sanity. Another aspect that made Ender a good leader was his drive to be, not only good, but also superior. When he . confided in Bean, he stated that he felt he could not lose any of the battles, for some reason that he did not reveal. This drive was so ingrained in Ender's personality that he either did not understand it himself, or was so personal that he didn't wish to reveal it to even his closest companions. This gave Ender a certain fervor that obviously boosted the rest of. Ender Wiggin , Fiedler contingency model , Leadership 514 Words | 2 Pages. second baseman who touches the marker and throws it to the third baseman who touches the Peace Save Essay marker and throws it to home plate. Tui Plc? If the ball reaches home plate . before the batter, the batter is out. If not, he scores a run. Teams switch after three outs. The game continues for nine innings.

Baseball , Baseball positions , Batting 644 Words | 3 Pages. something. Maybe humanity needs meóto find out what you're good for. We might both do despicable things, Ender , but if humankind survives, then . we were good tools. Calls: Strive, Save And Simplify? Graff is ww2 turning point explaining to Ender the philosophy behind everything they are doing.

Although Ender does not know it at the time, this is the same reasoning that the Peace Calls: Strive, adults will use to manipulate the children time and time again. Ender objects to this idea, because he believes that people are more than just tools, but nevertheless it is the. Human , Love , Need 468 Words | 14 Pages. Saba Nematymarch 25, 2009Elements of tui plc, narrative Enderís game Narrative voice and point of view- 3rd person, subjective to Ender . Peace Calls: Save And Simplify? (Reveals Enderís feelings throughout novel)-Point of view switches to Valentine on earth and reveals her feelings (subjective)-Most chapters start with a conversation between two unidentified characters, usually colonel Graff and Major Anderson discussing current events-Story mostly follow Ender WigginConflict-Character vs. self - Enderís internal fear/struggle to being. Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game , Formics 1171 Words | 3 Pages. ?Enderís Game by tui plc, Orson Scott Card is Peace Calls: set in a future where Earth has been involved in a 50 year long war against an alien force, known as . Moby Dick Narrator? ďBuggersĒ.

Earthís three ruling parties, the Peace Strive, and Simplify Essay Hegemon, Polemarch and Strategos form an International Fleet to fight the ďBuggersĒ. Drawback Of Price Competition Is That? The International Fleet created the Peace Calls: Battle School to point train the most gifted children, with the best strategic minds to Peace Calls: Strive, Save fight in the IF. Children were chosen because having been raised on video war games their decisions are intuitive. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 907 Words | 2 Pages. ?Week 2 Assignment Week 2 Assignment Rodtrice Johnson Bethel University Leadership Angelo Lamar September . 4, 2014 Good leaders are made not born. If you have the ww2 turning point desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Peace Calls:? Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience (Jago, 1982). Following the leadership theories and concepts guide will help you through that process. To inspire your team or workers into tui plc higher.

Coaching , Fiedler contingency model , Leadership 1005 Words | 5 Pages. ĎHeroes must fight with enemies in the world but also with their own personal difficultiesí Discuss your view with detailed reference to your prescribed . text (Enderís Game ) and Calls:, ONE other related text of your own choosing. Tui Plc? Due to the complicated nature of heroism, it difficult to determine what classifies a true hero. Each individual hero has their own strains, needs and code of behaviour. A hero is Peace and Simplify Essay someone who helps others and sacrifices their own well being for others, they can fail, be lost. Dulce et Decorum Est , Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori , Hero 1014 Words | 3 Pages. Enders Game Spears S-Social 1. Ender learns to destroy his enemies once and for all because of his . Tui Plc? environment: ďI have to win this now, and for Strive, Save and Simplify Essay, all time, or Iíll fight it every day and it will get worse and worse.Ē(7) 2. Ender is isolated so that he learns to drawback competition is that rely on Peace Calls: Strive, himself: ďHis isolation canít be broken.Ē (38) 3. Ender is tui plc sped through the system to mature him more quickly, so that he becomes a better commander: ďYoung as he is, weíve never had a boy better prepared for command.Ē (154) . Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 619 Words | 2 Pages. Everyone has probably played the Peace Calls: Strive, Save game Follow the Leader back in a major competition, elementary school.

It is a game where the leader stands in . front of the line. Peace Calls: Strive, Essay? He or she can say or do anything, and her followers (standing in a straight line behind her) must repeat exactly the same thing he or she does or says. Whoever was picked to be the leader must have loved the experience because one had the freedom to do whatever they please, while others followed miserably or happily depending on different lightsabers what the leader is saying. Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 2395 Words | 7 Pages. Cardís Enderís Game , the ďmind game Ē is Peace Strive, and Simplify a constantly changing computer game made for ww2 turning point, the students and is used by . the commanders of the battle school as a tool to monitor and analyze how the students are feeling. Ender Wiggin becomes increasingly obsessed with the game , specifically after he becomes stuck at the ďGiantís DrinkĒ. At this point, the game seems to hit a dead end, with none of the options for the player to take being the right one and Peace Calls: and Simplify, all of them ending in dick narrator, their ďdeathĒ.

The game would then. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1459 Words | 4 Pages. Character of Ender in Ender's Game. Enderís Game Speech Ender , also known as Andrew Wiggin, is the and Simplify protagonist of Enderís Game . Different? Ender . is Peace Save Essay chosen to attend battle school, leaving everything behind to fight the buggers in different, an all out war to save the human race. Peace Strive, Essay? The experiences that Ender is forced to go through reflect. One of the characteristics of Ender is his kindness and compassion.

Ender does not want to hurt anyone, and is supported by the quote ď Ender leaned his head against the wall of the corridor and cried until the bus. American films , Black-and-white films , Combat 523 Words | 2 Pages. Melanie Batista U01A1 BUS3012 August 18, 2013 1. What is your definition of leadership ? I remember the precise moment that I wanted to . Different? be a leader. Calls: Strive, And Simplify? It was my junior year, and my basketball teamís goal was to a major drawback competition is that win the Peace and Simplify state championship, and I had it set in my mind that I was going to lead us there. I was not the coach of the ww2 turning point team, nor did I have any authority to make decisions. Peace Calls: Strive, Save? However, I had built a relationship with each of ww2 turning, my teammates and Calls:, they trusted me. Throughout the season, I.

Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 825 Words | 3 Pages. ELECTIVE COURSE FOR PGDM-WM Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness Dr Asha Bhandarker email About the ww2 turning course: . High performing and Competitive organizations need leaders with a whole host of Peace and Simplify Essay, competencies. At the self level there is a need for capabilities like Managing Self , Emotional Intelligence, Drive and execution ability, and Creative and Strategic Thinking; at the group level managing high performing Teams and Capacity to drawback of price competition is that Influence and Mobilize people. Leader , Leadership , Management 1137 Words | 7 Pages. Ender's Game : A Dead Zone ďDon't judge a book by its cover!Ē your mom tells you for the third time this week. It's not your fault that . the Peace Essay new kid at a major drawback is that school is shy and distant.

They're weird , not you--right? Well thatís not always the case, and Peace Calls: Save and Simplify, your misperceptions could cause you to become enemies. The same concept applies in Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, but the outcome is devastating. Ender Wiggin, a six year old genius, battled everyday with the conflict brought on by his hateful brother. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1617 Words | 5 Pages.

Levels of Leadership : Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential By John C. Maxwell A Study Guide for tui plc, Leaders in Strive, Save Essay, the Church By Judi King . In his book, The 5 Levels of Leadership , John C. Maxwell presents a model of leadership developed through more than 30 years of ww2 turning, experience in leadership positions. Maxwellís journey has given him insights into what effective leadership looks like, and this book examines what he identifies as five types of leadership experience. In order for leadership to be. Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 1819 Words | 7 Pages. Ali HassanEnder's game essay 21 April 2013 Ender's Game has many deep thoughts the reader can conclude. Peace Essay? One of the important . The Overcoat? themes that the story has is the relationship between masculinity and femininity. I like to call the relationship between masculinity and femininity in Ender's Game ďthe circulation of featuresĒ. This name derived from the description and changes in characters. At the beginning the story gives the typical features of Strive, Save, men and A Little of Each Other, women.

Women are emotional, but men are cold-hearted. Emotion , Ender's Game , Gender 1066 Words | 3 Pages. ? What is your definition of Calls: Strive, Save, leadership ? Have you ever been in ww2 turning point, a leadership position before? If yes, please give examples. If . no, please tell why you think you have not.

My definition of leadership is when you provide guidance to individuals towards a right path in Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify, order to achieve a specific goal. I have been placed in a leadership position that had to do with becoming a team captain of my freshman basketball team. Different Lightsabers? What is Save your definition of teamwork? Have you ever been on a team before. Bad Boy Records , Leadership , Life After Death 854 Words | 4 Pages. Change Due to Surroundings - Ender's Game. they choose to either change or stay the same.

In the gogol the overcoat novel Enderís Game by Orson Scott Card, the main character Ender Wiggin has . to save the world from the buggers and along the way he faces different situations. In the novel, Ender Wiggin is usually a compassionate nice young boy. Individuals change when they are put into various different situations. These changes are seen in the novel through the actions of the and Simplify main character Ender . Tui Plc? This will be proven by looking at and Simplify Essay how people change according to. Ender in Exile , Ender Wiggin , Ender's Game 1432 Words | 3 Pages. Ender's Game: Advancement of drawback competition is that, Warfare. Halie Hinchey Fayaz Kabani Enderís Game and the Advancement of Warfare 25 November 2012 During the 19th century the nature of warfare was . reaching a turning point. Essay? It all began in the 1940s with the nuclear revolution and began advancing as quickly as the moby dick narrator seasons ever since. By the time World War II approached, America had a whole new outlook on how to fight their battles. While the Peace Calls: Strive, generals and commanders of the United States army were preparing for future warfare, Orson Scott Card was busy.

Army , Asymmetric warfare , Ender's Game 1993 Words | 5 Pages. citizens. In some parts of the world, it happens all the time, and itís accepted. Different Lightsabers? This also happens in America, although many groups are fighting against the . Calls: Save And Simplify? laws that allow it. It also was a major issue in the novel we read over the summer, Enderís Game . I believe that, in some cases, it is justified for the government to involve itself in the private lives of citizens. Tui Plc? As I mentioned before, government does have a small role in our personal lives in America, although some people might not realize. American Civil Liberties Union , Debut albums , Federal Bureau of Save and Simplify, Investigation 1045 Words | 3 Pages. Tim Johnson D English Essay Pressure, pain, corruption, and gogol, insecurity; imagine dealing with this every moment of your life. Calls:? In The Ender's . Game by Orson Scott Card, a young boy genius must take on the weight of the world while dealing with these things. Ender , a nine year old boy, is chosen by A Little Essay, the government to go to Battle School, where he must learn to fight and improve his army skills. While he's there, he struggles with his own morality and insecurity, and tries to do what other people want.

Army , Ender's Game , Military 888 Words | 3 Pages. Bean- Main Character, Protaganist: A homeless boy on the streets of Peace Strive, Save and Simplify, Rotterdam that uses his intelligence to gogol the overcoat keep him alive, and eventually earn him a spot on . the Peace Strive, Save ranks of Battle School. Andrew ď Ender Ē Wiggin- Another boy recruited to Battle School, a lot like bean, small, and extremely smart. Is Beans mentor and example as he goes through Battle School. Poke: A nine year old girl, that also lives on point streets of Rotterdam. Peace Calls: Strive, Save And Simplify Essay? Takes Bean into her family and moby dick narrator, gives him a chance. She is Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify Essay one of the main.

Bean , Ender in ww2 turning, Exile , Ender Wiggin 2769 Words | 7 Pages. Sales of video games have more than quadrupled from 1995-2008, while the arrest rate for juvenile murders fell 71.9% and the arrest rate for . all juvenile violent crimes declined 49.3% in this same period. The 2008 study Grand Theft Childhood reported that 60% of Calls: Strive, Save, middle school boys that played at least one Mature-rated game hit or beat up someone, compared to 39% of boys that did not play Mature-rated games . A Major Drawback Competition Is That? California passed a law in 2005 that would have required violent video games to include. Aggression , Crime , Grand Theft Auto 1138 Words | 4 Pages. Ender Book Report Compassion vs Ruthlessness.

Enderís Compassion/ Peterís ruthlessness In the novel Enderís game , Orson Scott Card attempts to convey the Peace and Simplify Essay message of the conflict between . compassion and ruthlessness. For one thing Ender often compares himself to his ruthless brother Peter every time he himself does something mean and cold hearted. Of Each Other Essay? But Ender also has a compassionate personality. he shows his compassionate personality in many cases. He also shows that Ender may have a bit of a ruthlessness in him, but resents himself for it. A Little Bit , A Little Bit Longer , Bugger 1224 Words | 3 Pages. Analytical Interpretation of ď Games Ē In his article, ď Games ,Ē Steven Johnson argues that the nonliterary popular culture, like . video games , have intellectual and cognitive virtues in Peace Calls:, their own right.

Johnson carefully and consciously aims his argument at the people who do not like and a major drawback of price competition is that, insist a common bias against video games , such as the Calls: Strive, Essay teachers, the parents, the cultural authorities and the avid readers. Following his argument, Johnson uses many techniques, like making an different, interesting hypothetical. Battle of Strive, and Simplify, Reading , Critical thinking , Culture 840 Words | 3 Pages. There is a lot of debate on gogol the overcoat the differences between leadership and Calls: Save and Simplify, management. In the sports profession there are both leaders and managers. . Which positions historically lead and which positions do more managing? With this thought in mind, add your comments to the questions listed below in the discussion section. Feel free to a major drawback is that add to existing comments. Peace Strive,? Leadership and Management Which positions (jobs) in the sports profession do individuals do more leading than managing? Which individuals. Authority , Charismatic authority , Leadership 1117 Words | 5 Pages.

Benefits from projectÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ.9 7. Point? Presentation 1- Introduction This project summarizes the concept of transforming leaders, which . Transforming leadership mean a process in which leaders and followers help each other to advance to a higher level of Strive, and Simplify Essay, morale and motivation. If we trying to move into lightsabers a new leadership position, we must correctly diagnose the situation weíll be facing in that new role, we risk over relying on strategies that worked for us in the past, but those approaches. Business , Customer , Customer service 1989 Words | 7 Pages. the researchers do this game to practice the brain of the student, to Strive, Save refresh their minds and at the same time they are enjoying it because . they play and learn at the same time. INTRODUCTION Games have always been a means to leisurely spend one time.

They provide fun and enjoyment to ww2 turning point every player who play the game and to Peace Calls: and Simplify Essay the people who are watching and know how to play the of Each Other game . Although some of the game are done for Strive, and Simplify, the sake of enjoyment and fun, but there are some games that requires more physical.

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100 Easy Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas with Research Links and Sample Essays. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and Save and Simplify Essay, easier. Need a great argument topic? Below I give over A Little of Each 100 ideas. You'll write faster and easier if you pick a topic based on: Knowledge: Picking a topic you already know a lot about can make research faster and easier.

Interest: Picking a question you want to know more about can make this paper more interesting. Available Sources: I give links to many sources. Check those for Peace Calls: and Simplify, articles first and lightsabers, if you find some, your work is half done. I also save you time by giving you links to videos and sample student essays. Save And Simplify. Check out my guides for writing papers too. Of Each Essay. Good luck! If you get a good grade, be sure to come back and tell me! 1. Instructions for Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify, how to (and how not to) pick a topic. 2. Lists of topic ideas (in the gogol the overcoat categories of food and health, obesity and dieting, recycling and the environment, families and relationships, and science and technology, with videos and many links to research and student essay examples. Strive, Save. 3. Step-by-step instructions for how to A Little Essay write your essay.

Choosing a topic that everyone is Save and Simplify Essay talking about makes writing an A Little Essay argument essay easier. Make sure you choose a question that doesn't have an answer people already agree on. Pick a reader that doesn't agree with you, so that you are not preaching to the choir. It also helps if the topic is something everyone has an Peace Save and Simplify opinion about: this will make it easier to get examples to back up your essay, either from articles or from ww2 turning, people you interview. Finally, you probably want to pick a topic that is interesting to you and that you care about. Steer clear of overused topics like abortion, gun control, and the death penalty.

For one thing, your instructor has already read far too many of these essays and is not only probably bored with the Peace Strive, Essay topic, but also has already heard everything you might say. Moreover, although those may seem like easy topics, they really aren't, because most people are set in their ways about these issues and it is hard to think of an argument that might change their minds. Is Deforestation Worth it? Do the competition is that economic benefits of cutting down forests outweigh the environmental damage? What is Love?

What kind of love leads to Peace Save and Simplify Essay a lasting relationship? Stay-at-Home Dad: Is it a good idea for a father to raise his children full-time? What causes a man to become a stay-at-home dad and can it work out well for a family? Hunger Hurts: Should Americans think and do more about the hunger faced by people around the different lightsabers world? Why are Americans rapidly becoming more obese? Why are Americans rapidly becoming more obese? What can be done to Calls: Strive, Save Essay help children maintain a healthy weight? How can people lose weight and keep it off? Is weight gain caused by different lightsabers, genetics, environment, or some other factor?

How do naturally thin people stay that way? What is the relationship between food, exercise, and Calls: Strive, Save Essay, weight? Are low carbohydrate diets (like the Paleo, Adkins, and South Beach diets) really the best? Do planned-meal diets like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem really work to help people keep weight off? Why are Weight Watchers and other calorie-counting diets often considered the best by doctors? Is controlling weight really a matter of tui plc, calories in, calories out?

What is the best diet for a young adult? Can vegetarian diets be healthy? Why are so many people now choosing to go on Save and Simplify gluten-free diets? Is sugar really bad for you? Does restricting the size of soft drinks that can be sold really help health? Should schools have vending machines that sell sodas, candy, and other bad snacks? What can schools do to promote better health in students?

Does intermittent fasting really help you to Essay be more fit? How can morbidly obese people lose weight safely? Is the T.V. show The Biggest Loser helpful in motivating people to be healthy? Does the and Simplify Essay show create negative or positive feelings about morbidly obese people? Does it exploit the contestants? What causes anorexia? How can it be prevented?

How can you help an dick narrator anorexic friend? Why are more young men becoming anorexic? What is Peace Save Essay morbid obesity? How does morbid obesity affect a person's health? What should we do about the cost of healthcare for overweight people? Should there be a greater insurance premium for a major drawback, people who are obese? Is surgery a good method for Strive,, people to lose weight?

Are sugar substitutes helpful for dieting? Is fat really bad for you? Is a low fat diet the best? Research Articles on Obesity and tui plc, Dieting. Here are some professional articles and websites that can help you start. Save Essay. Many of these articles contain links to other sources also.

Long Term Weight Loss Maintenance, by point, Rena R. Wing and Peace Strive, Save and Simplify Essay, Suzanne Phelan, in American Society for Clinical Nutrition (2005). The National Weight Control Registry. An account of over 10,000 individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off for long periods of the overcoat, time. Overweight and Obesity. U.S. government reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Diet Topic Articles from Psychology Today . What can we do to help people around the world have clean water to drink? Is hunting good or bad for and Simplify Essay, the environment? Should the different horns of wild rhinos be removed to prevent them from being poached? Can we protect wild areas and animals by promoting eco-tourism?

Should the government discourage or regulate oil drilling in Calls: Strive, Save, the gulf of tui plc, Mexico? What are the Essay dangers of fracking? Does recycling really make a difference? Should all states adopt a deposit on a major competition soft drink bottles and cans in Calls: and Simplify Essay, order to promote recycling? Should schools require students to a major of price competition bring refillable containers for Strive, Save, water and tui plc, other beverages rather than disposable ones? Should supermarkets charge for plastic bags in order to encourage the use of reusable bags? Should your city (or campus) do more to Strive, Save and Simplify Essay encourage recycling? What causes people to litter?

What could motivate people to is that clean up after themselves? What causes earthquakes? What can we do to reduce death or damage from earthquakes? Or how can we better predict them? Does being a vegetarian or vegan help the Peace Strive, Essay environment? Can using LED lights make a difference? How can composting help save the gogol environment? What is Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay hazardous household waste and tui plc, why is Strive, Save Essay it important not to throw it in the regular trash? What is deforestation? How does it happen? Can it be stopped?

What is gogol the overcoat fracking? Is fracking worth the risks? Does fracking hurt drinking water? What is a carbon footprint? How can we change our carbon footprint? What are the dangers for people living in cities like Beijing with high pollution? Is nuclear energy really safe? What should be done with nuclear waste? What is the best way to Calls: Strive, handle our trash? Are landfills a good idea?

Where can we use solar, wind, and of price is that, other alternative energy sources effectively? What is the Peace best way to encourage alternative energy use? (Government regulations? Incentives? Helping companies that produce these products? Advertising?) The World Bank on Environment: Information and research about environmental issues around the world. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: On the science and gogol the overcoat, technology page, find research and information under different topics like water, pesticides, or ecosystems. Discover Magazine: Search the Peace Strive, environmental topics page for your topic.

U.S. Government Recycling and Conservation: Statistics and information. Should mothers stay home with their children? Do long distance relationships work? How can divorce be prevented? Is divorce something that kids can recover from? Are teenage marriages a good idea? Should teenagers that get pregnant keep their children? How can you get out of the friend zone? How can you know you are in an abusive relationship? Why do people stay in abusive relationships?

What are the effects of domestic violence on children? Who should do the chores in a family? What are helicopter parents and how do they help or harm their children? Is it good to be an only child? Is doing sports together a good thing for A Little of Each Other Essay, families? How have video games impacted family life? Why do some people treat their pets as family members?

Is this a good or bad thing? How important are grandparents to children today? How does interracial adoption affect a family? Are large families better for Calls: Strive, Save, children? How does birth order affect children?

Do older people make better parents? Have cell phones and social media made families closer or not? How should (or shouldn't) you use social media in a dating relationship? How long should people date before they become engaged? What makes people have a happy, long-lasting marriage? Are the expectations raised by romantic movies damaging to real relationships?

Are Beauty Pageants Good for tui plc, Kids? What is nanotechnology and how has it already changed our lives? How will nanotechnology affect dentistry or medicine? How can nanotechnology be helpful in developing new types of computers, cell phones, or data storage? Does using cell phones make people more or less connected? Do cell phones cause a cancer risk? What should the laws be concerning the use of cell phones while driving? Have social media and Calls: Strive, Save, texting hurt or improved the lives of teenagers?

Why are children better at understanding new technology than their parents are? Do violent video games cause people to point act out violently? Should schools use video games as a teaching tool? Can students study better using digital textbooks than they can by using books, pens, and paper? Will paper and books become obsolete? What is the difference between reading on a screen and reading a book? Should everyone wear a microchip with their personal information to avoid identity and credit card theft? Should parents be able to choose the genetics of their children?

Are smart watches going to replace cell phones? What is the next big leap in technology? Which is Peace Calls: and Simplify better, the PC or the Mac? If we can help people live longer through technology, should we? Is there a balance between quantity and gogol, quality of life? How can 3-D printers be used effectively? SciTech Daily: Science and new technology news and research reports. MIT Technology Review: Massachusetts Institute of Technology's website for explaining new technologies. If you want to Strive, Essay write a quick and dick, easy argument paper, follow these simple steps: Pick a topic question from the lists above. Decide your answer to the question (this is your beginning thesis). Write down everything you know about the topic.

Talk to your friends or family to Peace Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify find out what they know, have heard, or have read recently about the topic (have them give you the source if they know it). Other. Look at some of the research articles or web sites about that topic. Look back at your question and refine your answer. After gathering information, you may want to change it. Write down three or more best reasons for your answer (these are your topic ideas for the body of your essay). Using those reasons, look at the articles you've read or the ideas you've already written down for some evidence to support those reasons (this is the backup evidence for Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay, each topic sentence). Write your outline, then follow it to write your paper. Do you have to do research for your paper?

100 Current Events Research Paper Topics with Research Links. by Virginia Kearney 16. 100 Great Psychology Research Paper Topics. by Virginia Kearney 2. by Virginia Kearney 16. How to gogol Write a Summary, Analysis, and Peace Strive, Essay, Response Essay Paper With Examples. by ww2 turning point, Virginia Kearney 55. 100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics. by Virginia Kearney 37. 100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 37.

This is a great resource. Peace Calls: Strive, Save Essay. I've just entered into college, and didn't know where to begin writing my first argumentative essay. Tui Plc. Thanks so much - voted up :) Do you know or have you written of Strive, Save and Simplify Essay, anything to do with the argumentative essay of drawback of price competition, should smoking be banned because I have to do essays with research and I need some reliable sites. Virginia Kearney 3 weeks ago from United States. Hi Aashi! I'm glad that younger students are finding my work too. Although I now teach college students, I started my career teaching in Strive, Save Essay, your grade for several years. I will have to put together some topics for primary grade students. Until then, you might want to look at my High School Topics, which have many ideas which are good for A Little of Each Essay, your age too.

I am in primary school in Peace Strive,, grade 6 and I want some good topics for gogol, primary students. Good job making this page. I don't know what to do at first. I was clueless and was browsing for answers but none of them made sense except for this. Thank you very much! I think the ideas are wonderful and are very helpful! I am a Junior in high school and I have to Save and Simplify Essay write an argumentative paper. Your insight on how to do so has been extremely helpful.

I wanted to thank you for Essay, your intelligence on how to write an Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay argumentative paper. Thanks! This website was very useful for picking out ww2 turning a topic for my essay. Again, thank you for helping me out! King of Stuff 8 months ago. Save And Simplify Essay. I find this website very interesting and gogol the overcoat, helpful. Thank you for making it! Your tips on writing essays is really helping me out.

Mr. fluffypants 8 months ago. I love this article. You have helped me with my school essay. Thank you! letter pile 8 months ago. I LOVE this website. Thank you so much for writing it!

It has helped me so much! Virginia Kearney 8 months ago from United States. Hi Nataly! You are welcome to shift the focus of the questions to whether governments should take action. My questions and topic ideas are just a starting point. I teach my students that there are a variety of ways to solve problems and Peace Essay, one of Essay, those is by having governments or larger groups take action. However, I want my students to focus more on how they and their audience can personally take responsibility and action, so often my questions are more locally written. In my class, I focus on having my students address a very particular audience in their persuasive essays because effective arguments come from really thinking carefully about the viewpoint of the other person and developing points that would persuade that person.

In my class, I do allow TedTalks as sources if the Peace and Simplify student is using other sources as well. However, I don't think all professors do accept that type of source. Ww2 Turning Point. Most people who do TedTalks have written out their arguments in papers or books, so I'd suggest you research to Peace Calls: Strive, see if there is an online paper you can cite as well. I find your lists great and a major drawback of price is that, really appreciate the idea of providing useful links. And Simplify Essay. Still, I would rather shift the focus of some questions so that they ask students to think more globally, from the Other Essay point of view of the state and Essay, the society. For example, should the state take actions to prevent high rate of divorces, which ones? Are people in developed states responsible for providing water and food to the starving people around the point globe?, etc. I also wanted to ask you if TedTalks videos are officially recognized as credible resources. Have you ever heard of any cases when professors forbid to use it? Thank you for a good work! Hulya Gulyurt 9 months ago.

This helped me so much with my homework, thank you! Great Efforts . Well done. should guns be allowed on school campus. Virginia Kearney 13 months ago from Peace Calls: Save Essay, United States. Dick. This is an interesting topic idea bojoi--and definitely one that would be controversial. I'd love to hear how you would develop your thesis. preetyradd 14 months ago. And Simplify. i think this is cool i got a good grade on my essay thanks. Kanwal asif 14 months ago. Thank u so much God bless u. Virginia Kearney 17 months ago from United States. Glad this will help you three keys! ThreeKeys 17 months ago from Australia.

Im about to try out A Little Other your suggestions in this great article. Im excited to see what the outcome will be in how I take a more pointed or comprehensive approach in Peace Calls: and Simplify Essay, a written debate so to Essay speak. Thanks so much! Thank you it is really helpful. Thank you so much for Save and Simplify Essay, the topics. Trisha Roberts 3 years ago from Rensselaer, New York. Love the great ideas! Absolutely love the list you shared with us. Thank you so much for lightsabers, this Article! Kalai 3 years ago from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Sometimes i find that the most easy or obvious topic the hardest to argue about. The less the words the greater the headache. Calls: Strive, Save And Simplify Essay. When we prepare for debates, each word has the ability to make or break the case. Rae Saylor 3 years ago from Australia. Drawback Of Price Competition Is That. What an interesting range of ideas and tips! Massive thanks for writing this, pal! Voted up :) Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales. A great hub Victoria ;thanks for Calls: Save, sharing and I vote up. Lightsabers. Dianna Mendez 3 years ago.

This is very useful to Peace Calls: and Simplify those who must teach essay writing (and to those who must write them). I know I will be using this next time I teach English Comp. Voted up++ ExpectGreatThings 3 years ago from Illinois. Dick Narrator. Wow! This is a very impressive list and great instructions. I like how you were able to write the Strive, and Simplify Essay questions without giving away your position on each topic. - Ginger. A Little Of Each Other Essay. Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. Very interesting.

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English and Comparative Literary Studies. This handbook is a guide that I’m hoping will enable you. It is geared, in particular, towards the seventeenth-century literature and culture module but I hope you will find it useful at other times too. I would like to stress, though, that it is not the Save only way to moby, do things. It may be that you have much better ideas about what makes for a successful essay and have tried and tested methods of executing your research. There isn’t necessarily a right way and so I hope you will not see this as proscriptive and limiting. You should talk to all your tutors about what makes for a good essay to get a sense of the Peace Strive, Save different ways that you might construct an essay. 1. A Major Drawback Is That. Essay writing (p.2) 2. Strive, Save And Simplify. Close reading (p. 4) 4. Constructing an argument (p.

8) 5. Help with this particular assessment (p. 9) 6. Grade descriptions (p. 10) 1. ESSAY WRITING (and historicist writing in particular) Essay writing has four stages: reading, planning, writing and proof-reading. Excepting the last, you may not find that they are not particularly discrete but rather interlinked and mutually informative. Different. If any stage is skipped or done badly, though, it will impair your work. 1) Read the text and make sure you understand it. Use the Oxford English Dictionary online to look up any words you don’t understand or if they are operating in an unfamiliar context.

Available on the Warwick web: 2) Do a close reading. Make a list technical features (cf. the Calls: Strive, and Simplify page in this booklet entitled ‘close reading’; refer to the section on poetic form in the back of your Norton Anthologies pp. 2944-52). Ask yourself: ‘how does the text achieve its effects?’ Then ask yourself: ‘how do those poetic effects relate to the meaning of the text?’. 3) Do some research, particularly on the historical theme, period, cultural group that you’re interested in. You could begin with a general history and then do a literature search for of Each Other more specialist books and articles.

It may help you to narrow your research to a particular theme or idea that is suggested, hopefully by your reading in 1) and 2). Rather than trying to find out about the whole of seventeenth-century culture, limit your research to the restoration, cavalier culture, medicine, the Calls: family or whatever. Ww2 Turning Point. (See the handout on research). 4) Be careful when you take notes so that you will make no mistake, when you come to writing and Strive, Save, referencing your work, about what is your work and what is tui plc, someone else’s. Read and be clear about the university’s rules on plagiarism which are laid out in the blue booklet ‘Essay Writing and Scholarly Practice’ which you can get from the general office. 1) Begin by making a spider plan of all your ideas and the relationships between them. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPIDERS FORGET THIS BIT. 2) Then write out a paragraph (which you will not include in your essay necessarily) called ‘MY LINE OF ARGUMENT’. Calls: Strive, Save And Simplify Essay. This will be information to yourself (so it can be very boringly and gogol, functionally written) about what you intend to Strive, Save and Simplify, say. Point. Ideally this should be a single big idea, which you can sustain for the length of the essay, made up of stages that can be demonstrated with reference to the passage in question. It may well be that you want to write something similar to this ‘line of argument’ paragraph, only in a more dynamic and elegant way, for Strive, and Simplify Essay your introduction.

See the page entitled ‘constructing an argument’ that has an example of a ‘line of argument’ paragraph. 3) Then write out a linear plan of your essay with a logical ARGUMENT, an of Each Other Essay argument that is assertively stated and then proved through the course of your piece. TIP: try not to Calls: Strive, and Simplify, separate out style, content and context; discuss them together to show how the relate to one another. You are aiming to the overcoat, produce something that identifies and Peace Calls: Essay, describes both the wood and the trees; indeed, the trees are your evidence for the existence of the wood! You need to put together a big argument out of lots of bits of ww2 turning, evidence. 1) Everyone has his or her own way of Calls: Strive, Save, writing. I sometimes find it easier to write the middle of the moby dick narrator essay first and then come to the introduction last, which is perhaps the hardest bit to write. Save Essay. You may find that your ideas change and tui plc, are worked out more fully as you start to write. In which case go back to B) and produce another plan.

Present your ideas as a finished thought, rather than a thought process. 2) Keep yourself closely to your argument by imagining your reader. Perhaps a friend, a tutor or a parent might serve: imagine them behind you as you write asking ‘SO WHAT?’, making you insist on its relevance and trying to prove a particular point. Peace Calls: Strive, Essay. Imagine that you are a newspaper editor writing a polemic, trying to convince your readership of a particular point of gogol, view. 3) Inventing a title and writing an introduction. You should try to make your essay interesting to an examiner. Peace Calls: Strive, And Simplify. Which do you think is the best of these three titles: ‘Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’; ‘Discuss the question of race in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’; ‘The “gallant slave”: the idea of the noble savage in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’. Similarly with the introduction. The first sentence should grab the examiner immediately.

Which is a better first sentence: ‘Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko was published in 1688 and is a prose work about ww2 turning point Surinam’; ‘At the heart of Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko stands the deep paradox of the ‘royal slave’. 4) Using secondary literary criticism. It is, of course, good to read lots and to incorporate that reading into your work. What you are attempting to do, though, is to position your independently arrived at ideas in relation to other critics in the field. You shouldn’t be deferential or let the Peace Calls: Save ideas of others drag you off course. You should USE other people’s work in the service of your own argument.

For example, you might disagree with a critic; you might apply their theory about one text to another; you might say that their work hasn’t gone far enough in its assessment. Never use a quotation from someone else to clinch an argument: just because someone famous has said x or y it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true. I sometimes find it useful to write a draft of my paper that includes no secondary reading at all, basing it just on my general knowledge of the critical field. I then do some detailed research in secondary criticism before writing a second draft. This means that the agenda is not dictated by other scholars, and ensures that I use them rather than becoming their spokeswoman. Make sure, of course, that all your reading is properly referenced to avoid a charge of plagiarism. 1) Check the spelling: in particular the names of the author and the text that you’re looking at drawback MUST be spelled correctly. 2) Check your punctuation. If you don’t know how to use particular punctuation marks please get a book and learn how. In particular the misuse of Peace Calls: Save, apostrophes is deeply irritating to an examiner. The Collins gem guides are really good also Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves is fun and informative.

3) Make sure that you get hold of the blue booklet, ‘Essay Writing and Scholarly Practice’, from the general office. A Major Competition Is That. You must use the reference guide in there. I favor the MHRA guidelines; you may prefer the Calls: Strive, MLA style. Dick. If you do reference a website it is Strive, Essay, best to of price competition is that, put it in Peace Strive, Essay a footnote rather than the text were it looks ugly. You should always include some close detailed analysis of the literary text(s) that you’re discussing in your essay. This demonstrates your sensitivity to the forms, textures and ideological purpose of Other, language.

You should aim to show the relationship between form and meaning, between the text and its world. Before you can put together an Calls: Essay argument about the relationship between a text and of price competition, its time you will need to do some close reading, compiling a list of technical features in Peace a text or an excerpt from a text. Choose excerpts that relate to themes or passages that interest you. Then you can develop a checklist of features to look for. Use this as a guide but you may want to add to, or amend it. *** What you see will be very different from what other people see. Different. So, although it looks like a slightly dry exercise, this is where your ideas, your originality will come from. Close reading, in any module, will make your essays sparkle. *** #61623; Prose, drama or poetry? #61623; Genre? (e.g. is it panegyric, epic, restoration comedy or what ever) #61623; Does it remind you of anything? Can you compare or contrast it with something of a similar date?

Or, alternatively, compare it with something of a similar genre from the previous or next decade, for Peace Strive, Essay example, in order to investigate change over time. #61623; Poetry: metre, rhythm and rhyme. Drawback Is That. Look at the section on poetic form at the back of the Norton Anthology (p. 2944) and other guides. Don’t just describe metre etc but ask yourself how it works in that particular passage. How are units of meaning created by the line divisions?

When a poet downplays or emphasizes a particular word through positioning it in a particular way, what effect does it have? How does the and Simplify poet manage tone, pace and A Little of Each, register with his use of and Simplify, rhyme and rhythm? iF THESE FEATURES ARE NOT IMPORTANT IN YOUR PIECE IGNORE THEM. #61623; Drama: look at dick the length / speed of the speeches, the stage directions, the entrances and exits. #61623; Prose: rhetorical features and Peace Strive, Save and Simplify, clause structure are the things to the overcoat, look out for in particular. Are the Peace sentences complex or simple? Is it in gogol the overcoat hypotaxis or parataxis? What about word order and syntax, is there anything unusual or unexpected there? #61623; What is the overall structure of the Peace Calls: Save and Simplify Essay passage / text?

Are there abrupt changes or a progression from one idea to another? #61623; What other structures are there? Symmetries, comparisons and contrasts, digressions, asides, repetition. Is there any dialogue? Are the arguments circular or progressive? #61623; Are there any words you don’t fully understand? If you aren’t in a closed exam you could look them up in the Oxford English Dictionary online. Tui Plc. This would also give you a sense of the other meanings that that word might have. Peace Calls: Essay. Are there any puns? #61623; Think about grammatical features: tenses, conditional constructions, the passive voice. Lightsabers. Is the passage in the first, second or third person?

Perhaps there are tense or person shifts; what effect do these produce? #61623; Look out for predominance: several superlatives or comparative adjectives and Peace Calls: Strive, Save Essay, adverbs; a lot of words that mean a similar thing, repetitions of possessive pronouns or what ever. #61623; What kind of language is being used? i.e. Ww2 Turning Point. what register is it in? Is it elevated or earthy, legal or lyrical, rhetorical or religious? Why? #61623; Look for particular rhetorical features: metaphor and simile, hyperbole and litotes, personification, metonymy and so on. #61623; Look at Peace Calls: Strive, punctuation (but be careful: it could be the intervention of a printer or a later editor). Ww2 Turning. Look out for: enjambment, parentheses, direct speech?

When the Strive, punctuation is sparse, why? Is it because there is a proliferation of conjunctions that resist punctuation like, for example, the word ‘and’. This may indicate parataxis or a very conversational style. #61623; Look out for allusions and references, often to the bible or classical stories. If you don’t know them and you’re not in a closed exam, look them up in a reference dictionary or on the internet. #61623; What is the tone of the passage? Is it homiletic, comic, anxious, melancholy or ironic?

How is this effect created? #61623; Where else does that poet use similar phrases, ideas, patterns and images? What does it say about his or her concerns and art? TIP: Don’t make simple associations between sense and sound. For example, whilst there are a lot of warm words that begin with ‘m’ (like, for example, milkmaid, mother, magic etc) there are also some, like ‘malice’, ‘muscular’, ‘murder’ which evoke quite different associations. You then need to think how those technical features, which you’ve noted construct the meaning of the passage / text. Do not think about form and content as separate things as if form were a kind of cloak in which meaning is dressed: they are organically connected.

Above and beyond that you will also need to ww2 turning, think about how that text (both its form and its meaning) relate to the particular concerns and Calls: and Simplify Essay, fashions (literary, political, philosophical etc) of its time. Moby. You might think about the way in which repeated ideas in your text / excerpt link to Save, significant contemporary discourses. Other Essay. Look for substituted vocabularies: i.e. when love / sex is discussed with the language of money / credit for example. Could that be related to prevailing economic trends and ideas? When you are constructing your ARGUMENT and writing your essay, consult your close reading list. Not everything there will be relevant to your ARGUMENT; you only want to include the things that relate, that offer evidence for Calls: Save and Simplify Essay a particular point of point, view about how the text is placed culturally, politically, socially and Calls: Save and Simplify, / or historically. Research is gogol, crucial for Peace Strive, Save any essay and requires a certain amount of initiative. You will partly have to learn by trial and error. Narrator. Here are a few tips and ideas, though. Read both narrowly (and address the theme of your essay) and also widely. So if you are, for example, researching infanticide, also research the family or law / crime.

When you research a context it might be worth look at the work of philosophers, painters, and Peace Calls: Strive, Save Essay, theologians and see what they were saying / doing in this period. An essay which looked at the early modern patriarchal family in the light of Robert Filmer’s political tract Patriarchia, for example, would be much more interesting than one that only looked at gogol the overcoat modern historians’ account of the early modern family. An essay that discussed the panegyric written to, or on a particular king, alongside the portraits that were painted of him could also be very suggestive. EEBO might be very useful here at helping you to find out about, say, sermon culture or advice literature. (look at the last page of this booklet for some help here). Think of some the areas, themes, historical moments, authors and Peace Strive, Save Essay, ideas that you want to find out about. Gogol. List them as key words. For example: Aphra Behn, Oroonoko, race, royalism, restoration, early modern, colonialism, slavery etc Do not be limited here.

Think of terms / phrases that will give you some background too. How about ‘cheap print’, ‘renaissance politics’ etc Then begin on the computer. Peace Strive, Save And Simplify Essay. Be careful of stuff that you find on the ordinary WWW. It is tui plc, not usually very reliable. Often this is Calls: Save Essay, stuff that people can’t publish in proper books. Use it is a guide and be very critical. 1) (through the Warwick network only). Here you can read articles from reputable, peer-reviewed journals on line. An excellent starting point. Moby. Try various combinations of your search terms in either the Basic search (will give you hundreds of items) or in the advanced search form (which will give you much narrower and probably more useful stuff.

Try it out; go to the advanced search form: A) In the box marked ‘All of Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay, these words’ insert the word ‘Behn’. Then tick the box marked ‘title’ and then also the box marked ‘article’. Press the ‘Search’ button. See if you can identify any articles with a particularly historicist bent.

B) In the box marked ‘All of these words’ insert the different words ‘White’ and ‘Black’ and ‘England’. In the box marked ‘exact phrase’ enter ‘Seventeenth-century’. Press search and see what you get out. Try other, similar search terms. C) In the and Simplify Essay box marked ‘All of these words’ insert the word ‘Royalist’. In the box marked ‘at least one of these words’ enter the words ‘print culture’. Perhaps limit to articles by a major drawback of price competition is that checking the Save relevant tick box.

Press search and tui plc, see if any of those are useful. [you will see that sometimes you have to do some considerable sifting to find good things.] 2) The Modern Language Association of America database direct access from the Warwick network at: The bibliographic databases are listed alphabetically so scroll down to ‘M’. Select ‘MLA’. This will give you the reference only (although Warwick may provide a link to the on-line journal).

You may find that some of the things that are listed you won’t be able to Peace Calls: Strive, Save and Simplify Essay, get because Warwick doesn’t subscribe to that journal or perhaps the item is dick, a doctoral dissertation from another institution. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to read everything under the Peace Save Essay sun. Leave those things that you can’t get. Try it out: put in the search terms ‘Aphra’, ‘Behn’ and ‘race’ into the keywords box. Tui Plc. Press search and see what you get. 3) Historical abstracts: Again, use this database to help you compile a list of articles or books that you could look at either on-line, if Warwick has a link, or in the library. Ignore the things that you can’t get hold of. A) Put the search terms ‘restoration’, ‘race’ and Calls: and Simplify Essay, ‘England’ into the keywords box. Press search. B) Put the tui plc search terms ‘early modern’ and ‘print culture’ into the keywords box.

Press search. Peace Strive, Save Essay. Again you will have to of price, decide what’s useful / relevant. 4) Use the library catalogue, don’t limit yourself to books about English. Put in search terms that will give you books on the historical background that you’re looking for. Peace Save. Once you have found one book on the shelf look around in that same area for others that will be related by subject. 5) Look on your reading list for general background books. CONSTRUCTING AN ARGUMENT. Producing a successful argument is gogol, a process that has a number of Peace Calls: Essay, stages.

Often you will understand your argument better after you have started writing. It is important that you go back and re-plan your work, taking into account your new findings. You will need to develop a provisional thesis, however, so that you have somewhere to start: a focus for your close reading and research. You don’t need to competition, argue that history is important for the study of and Simplify, literature. Lightsabers. You can take that as a given and move on Calls: Strive, Essay, to say something a bit more sophisticated about how the particular poem / play or prose piece you’re working on intersects with a particular set of events or ideas in moby a specific historical moment. A good argument should be fairly specific rather than general and Calls: Save, comprehensive. In particular, when writing a historicist essay, do not list the ways in drawback competition is that which one text is embedded in Calls: Essay its period. Instead choose one of those ways and research it in more depth.

So, rather than writing about, say, Ben Jonson’s interest in Anabaptists, Spanishness, alchemy, the plague, etc in The Alchemist, choose one of these themes and find out about it in the historiography of the seventeenth century and couple this research with a close reading of those sections of the tui plc play that treat that theme. Your readings of the Peace Calls: Save Essay text and the history of the times should suggest your detailed argument. Don’t think of your argument first and then try to Other Essay, press it onto the play or poem you’re interested in; allow your idea to grow out of your reading. Below is my best attempt at Save and Simplify Essay a LINE OF ARGUMENT for an essay on moby narrator, Rochester and Milton. Again, I should stress that this is only by way of demonstration what I would do. This is Calls: Save and Simplify Essay, very different from what you would do. There is no one way and your ideas will be as interesting / valid as mine. Don’t think that you have to produce something the same, or even necessarily similar I have done this just to give you an example of what I mean. I have tried to construct an argument which uses both close reading and gogol, historical context.

Imagining the future in the restoration: a critical comparison of the poetry of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester and Peace and Simplify Essay, John Milton. Line of Argument: This essay will argue that Rochester’s poetry is not only everywhere fascinated by time, regularly exploring what it is and how it operates, but that this interest betrays his sophisticated engagement with contemporary political philosophy. It will closely interrogate the forms of gogol, several of Rochester’s time-related poems for their political sensibilities. It will then contrast those poetic forms and political sensibilities with those in the poetry of Calls: Strive,, John Milton and especially Paradise Regained. Milton as I shall show with the use of historical evidence is very differently socially and lightsabers, politically placed, indeed at the other end of the Calls: Strive, Save Essay ideological spectrum from the Earl of Rochester. I shall show that the difference is one of dispossession (Rochester) and providence (Milton). Rochester’s narrators exist in point fear of, and subject to an arbitrary and absolute future; Milton’s Paradise Regained, on the other hand, asks an imagined republican reader to wait in anticipation of a future in which God will deliver their political success. I shall explore the way in which Rochester’s pessimism the idea and tone of dispossession in Peace Strive, and Simplify his poetry and Milton’s optimism the visionary quality of his providential allegory stand in contrast to the respective fortunes of the political groups to which those poets actually belonged and at a major of price competition is that the particular times when the poems I’m discussing here were written and published: i.e.

Rochester’s being part of the royal court and Milton’s being displaced from Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay his office at the restoration of Charles II. A Little Other Essay. This will arrive at, by way of Strive, Save and Simplify, conclusion, the ww2 turning demonstrable sadness of some of Rochester’s verse which indicates the complex circumspection with which he viewed his own aristocratic, political community and Peace Strive, Save and Simplify Essay, its limited expectations of monarchical authority. HELP FOR THIS PARTICULAR ASSESSMENT. Details of what you are expected to gogol the overcoat, do are on the departmental website at: There you will find a list of texts and details of how to find them on Peace, EEBO (Early English Books Online). Their website is at: You need to download those texts, read them and then choose one to different, write about.

You could also read the essays, published on the EEBO website, by previous Warwick students that have won prizes for their attempts at this assignment. You might also use EEBO in Peace Calls: Strive, and Simplify your essay research. Try the subject list in particular. If you get yourself to the search form at lightsabers you can click on the link marked ‘select from a list’ next to the subject keyword box. This has all sorts of interesting categories: look up, for Calls: Strive, and Simplify Essay example, ‘anti-catholicism’ or ‘restoration’, ‘credit’ or ‘murder’. I would like you to do what you can in terms of placing the ww2 turning point text of your choice, and Peace Calls:, researching it.

Then I’d like you to come and see me at the end of different, term with a title and a line of argument. You could also, if you wish, bring a longer essay plan. This is Isabel talking to her group. We will all be available on email over the holidays--do ask. Gabriel won't be here after the holidays--he lives in London--but do come and Peace Strive, Save Essay, see me, his group, if you need a person to talk to. USING THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY. The OED can be found online (through the Warwick network) at When we read an edited text we often have a helpful gloss which an editor has provided so that words and phrases that we don’t understand are defined for us. In this assignment you will have to put together that gloss for yourself and moby dick, the best way to start to Peace Strive, and Simplify, do that is with the the overcoat OED. Peace Calls: Strive, Save And Simplify. The OED is an extraordinary resource that will give you assistance in all sorts of ww2 turning point, ways. For example: a) it will obviously help you to understand words which you don’t understand or unusual applications.

It will also help you to find obsolete and dialect words. b) it will help you to see how words have changed their meanings or emphases over Calls: and Simplify, time. c) it will help you to narrator, identify puns. Strive,. There may be sexual or religious connotations to a particular word that we may have lost. Some times our modern definitions will co-exist with old, and now obsolete meanings. d) it will tell you the earliest use of a particular word.

This is useful for working out gogol, which of several definitions might apply to the word you’re looking at. Look at the examples, that is the quotations that are given, and Calls: Save and Simplify, note their dates. It may be that you find that the word was new or recently borrowed from another language. Click the ‘date chart’ button to see the the overcoat uses represented on a time line. Peace Strive, And Simplify. It may be that you will find that a word is used differently and in different contexts at of price is that different points of the seventeenth century: what might the use of a particular word / phrase tell us about an author’s engagement with political, historical or sociological movements? e) Look at the etymology: this might tell you about how the text you’re looking at engages with particular fashions or imperial encounters.

Look up, for Calls: Strive, example, ‘chocolate’ where does the word come from? At what period does it come into Essay, the language? f) the examples given in Calls: Strive, and Simplify the dictionary will also help you to see how other contemporaries used the word or phrase you’re interested in, and in what sort of contexts it came up. In this way it can operate as a concordance. Lightsabers. You should investigate the Peace Strive, concordances available in the library, by the way.

Similarly they will give you a sense of how a particular word or phrase is tui plc, used elsewhere. You should use the OED not just to Peace Save and Simplify, look up words that you don’t understand but also other words, especially those that are used in an unfamiliar way. You will find more interesting things if you look up lexical, rather than grammatical words. That means verbs, adjectives, adverbs and nouns rather than prepositions, articles and pronouns. You need to remember that there was no standard spelling in the early modern period; the move to standardize spelling did not occur until the the overcoat middle of the eighteenth century. This means that when you have a word you don’t understand it you may not get an adequate definition by putting it in exactly as it is into the OED search box. Try that first but if it isn’t found, or you get a definition that is Strive, Save Essay, not right (i.e. the examples indicate that its earliest use was a lot later than your text) you should try different spellings. In particular the vowels are often interchangeable.

Try every vowel combination that you can think of. Try substituting ts and cs, us and vs and other related consonants. Try out the OED. Look up the following words: how have their meanings have changed? Where do the words come from?

How were the moby dick words used at different points in Peace and Simplify history? And in different the seventeenth century in Calls: Essay particular? Department of A Little of Each Other Essay, English and Comparative Literary Studies, Humanities Building, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL.

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