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Ire counter

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Irelia vs Nasus - League of Legends Community

broker business plan “Hey Andrew. You are going to laugh, but I have now decided to leave my current job and ire counter, start my own business,” my friend Cas, whom I have known for a few years, tells me. “Wow, what caused the change of tobacco be banned heart?” I asked Cas. Ire Counter! “I have been thinking about what we discussed a while back, and I now feel more confident to go out on my own. Especially now that I have got some experience in the industry.” Cas says. Cas asks me, “As a newbie, can you have a look at my business plan? Is that the first thing I should do?” When it comes to mortgage broking, no matter what you do, you cannot stay still. Change is constant in this industry. Themes, And Symbols Midsummer! Lender policy changes, product changes, and legislative changes over the last 12 months have been a testament to this. You either continue to evolve with the times, or the ire counter, pace of change will over-run your business, and Motifs in A Night's Essay, you won#8217;t survive as a mortgage broker for long. Vinay Gehi: How I started my mortgage broking business. by Vinay Gehi, Copper Finance, who shares his story about how he started his mortgage broking business.

Two years ago I made a life-changing decision: I quit hospitality, an industry I had worked in for ire counter 18 years, to become a mortgage broker. It’s been a rewarding journey and I wanted to maslow of development, share the things that have helped me along the way and the steps I took to make the change. Do lots of research before taking the plunge. I spoke to brokers, business development managers (BDMs) and ire counter, trainers before I made my decision to understand the essays marriages, industry, the role and the realities of being a mortgage broker. Coming from a different industry, I would be making a standing start. Speaking to lots of ire counter experienced people was a good way to set my expectations. I learnt very quickly I wasn’t going to be making the big bucks, if any, in the first year, potentially longer. As a new year is upon us, this gives us an chilean opportunity to revisit, re-examine, and refocus priorities, and to review our mentoring programs and processes to ire counter, see if we could improve.

Here at Masters Broker Group, we have taken a look at our business, and stages, our priority for 2017 is still for our members. Ire Counter! The aim of our workshops, training and mentoring programs is to Themes, Motifs in A Essay, engage, educate and inspire brokers with the right advice, tools, templates, systems, processes and know-how. The purpose of this is to ensure that all our members become more productive, more profitable, and ultimately, create mortgage broking businesses that are sustainable in the long term. In 2017, we will be focusing on. Marketing planning, business planning and goal setting Sales processes Customer Relationship Management best practice and systems Industry practices and business practice management Tools, processes and ire counter, templates Case studies and mining disaster, technical papers from industry experts. We want to continue to help grow their mortgage broking practice in a predictable way. And by doing so, you will, in turn, help your customers achieve their dreams and goals.

How to launch your business and keep your day job. I teach the Cert IV and ire counter, Diploma course at chilean, TMA and see many prospective new to industry brokers. And the most common question I get is how to transition from a full time job to becoming a self-employed mortgage broker? The main focus here is how do you make the ire counter, switch as pain free as possible, and minimise the financial risks as you do so. Apart from money, here are a few other processes you need to have if you want to maximise your chances of maslow of development succeeding as a mortgage broker. How to ire counter, set up a great finance/mortgage business. Last time I put together an IKEA wardrobe for should tobacco my son’s room, it all went well. Until near the last bit, when I realised I had fitted one of the side panels incorrectly. Only problem was I had to disassemble most of it, and start over again. If only I had paid more attention to the instructions. And building a great finance/mortgage business is like assembling a wardrobe.

If you want to offer a solid, reliable, efficient and profitable mortgage broking business, it is best to follow a strategy. Unfortunately for ire counter most businesses like ours, we don’t get a set of nursing communication instructions like those that come with an IKEA wardrobe not even one with a cartoon man and line drawings. Ire Counter! So, we have to create our own strategy (and instructions). Here are our building blocks for a great finance/mortgage business. Is your finance broking business like a pair of chilean mining beige socks?

The challenge for any finance/mortgage broking business is to stand out ire counter, from the Themes, Motifs and Symbols Midsummer Night's, crowd. According to the MFAA, there are more than 12,000 finance brokers in the industry in Australia. Ire Counter! Not to on gay, mention the banks and their branches competing to lend money to home buyers, investors and ire counter, refinancers. So how do you stand out from the be banned, crowd? Just like the advert by Kia with Christopher Walken in ire counter, it.

How do you not be like a bunch of of nationalism beige socks? Not being a #8220;beige sock#8221; means having a value proposition so compelling that it makes you stand out from ire counter, your competition. So what makes customers want to use your finance broking services? This fundamental question should be the driving force of chilean mining your marketing strategy from ire counter, acquiring new customers through referral partners, to retaining your existing customers by tobacco be banned, consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations. Ire Counter! Goal setting and SMART goals. There is examples in ww1 a wonderful scene in ire counter, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, when Alice meets the Cheshire Cat: Alice : Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? The Cheshire Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to. The Cheshire Cat: Then it doesn#8217;t much matter which way you go. The Cheshire Cat: Oh, you#8217;re sure to chilean, do that, if only you walk long enough. Unfortunately some mortgage brokers travel along in their businesses like Alice. Ire Counter! They know they should be getting somewhere, without knowing exactly where they are going or how they will get there.

And trying to essays, work without definite goals is like setting off on a journey without a map or a destination. Ire Counter! Without goals, we will merely drift along, and achieve less than what we are capable of. And if you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there. Launching a mortgage broking business while working. Many prospective new to industry mortgage brokers have asked me is nursing communication it possible to start a mortgage broking business while continuing to be employed. Starting and growing a successful mortgage broking business can be difficult on ire counter its own. Doing this whilst still working full time (and bringing in an income) is even more difficult. I should know, that’s how I originally started my own mortgage broking business in 1997. And I have also met a number of people who have tried, but not followed through.

The 3 most common reasons they failed were: Lack of confidence in essays on gay marriages, themselves, Lack of ire counter resources Lack of motivation. To succeed in building a top performing mortgage broking business whilst working – you need a plan. Here is my 10-step plan to transition from working a job to running your own mortgage broking business. Do You Really Need a Business Plan? Last month one of mining disaster our brokers was telling us about the big holiday that they had planned. They finally bit the bullet, and ire counter, will fly out to Europe for 4 whole weeks. Being very excited, they told us the places they were going, how they were getting there, and even if they didn’t have accommodation booked, they had their “Plan B” (it is easier to do this without kids). Worst case, stay at the $1,000-a-night hotel. But what struck me is that some of us plan our holidays better than we plan our businesses.

The idea about writing a Business Plan is to try to predict the future. Even if we cannot foretell the future, we can however work out a Plan B – like we do when we are in a strange and Themes, Motifs and Symbols in A Midsummer Essay, exotic city, with no accommodation booked for the night – yet. Masters Broker Group - Credit Representative Number 422387. is authorised under Australian Credit Licence Number 389328.

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Feature Articles - The Causes of World War One. We'll start with the facts and work back: it may make it all the easier to understand how World War One actually happened. The events of July and early August 1914 are a classic case of ire counter one thing led to another - otherwise known as the treaty alliance system. The explosive that was World War One had been long in nursing the stockpiling; the spark was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. Ire Counter. (Click here to view film footage of should be banned Ferdinand arriving at Sarajevo's Town Hall on 28 June 1914.) Ferdinand's death at the hands of the Black Hand, a Serbian nationalist secret society, set in train a mindlessly mechanical series of events that culminated in the world's first global war. Austria-Hungary's reaction to the death of their heir (who was in any case not greatly beloved by the Emperor, Franz Josef, or his government) was three weeks in coming. Ire Counter. Arguing that the Serbian government was implicated in the machinations of the Black Hand (whether she was or not remains unclear, but it appears unlikely), the Austro-Hungarians opted to take the opportunity to stamp its authority upon the Serbians, crushing the essays nationalist movement there and ire counter cementing Austria-Hungary's influence in the Balkans. It did so by issuing an communication ultimatum to Serbia which, in the extent of its demand that the assassins be brought to justice effectively nullified Serbia's sovereignty. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary, was moved to comment that he had never before seen one State address to another independent State a document of so formidable a character. Austria-Hungary's expectation was that Serbia would reject the remarkably severe terms of the ire counter ultimatum, thereby giving her a pretext for mining launching a limited war against Serbia. However, Serbia had long had Slavic ties with Russia, an altogether different proposition for Austria-Hungary.

Whilst not really expecting that Russia would be drawn into the dispute to ire counter, any great extent other than through words of diplomatic protest, the Austro-Hungarian government sought assurances from maslow, her ally, Germany, that she would come to ire counter, her aid should the chilean unthinkable happen and ire counter Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary. Germany readily agreed, even encouraged Austria-Hungary's warlike stance. Quite why we'll come back to later. So then, we have the following remarkable sequence of tobacco be banned events that led inexorably to the 'Great War' - a name that had been touted even before the coming of the conflict. Austria-Hungary , unsatisfied with Serbia's response to ire counter, her ultimatum (which in the event was almost entirely placatory: however her jibbing over essays marriages, a couple of minor clauses gave Austria-Hungary her sought-after cue) declared war on Serbia on ire counter 28 July 1914. Russia , bound by treaty to Serbia, announced mobilisation of its vast army in her defence, a slow process that would take around six weeks to complete. Essays Marriages. Germany , allied to ire counter, Austria-Hungary by treaty, viewed the Russian mobilisation as an act of essays on gay war against Austria-Hungary, and ire counter after scant warning declared war on mining disaster Russia on ire counter 1 August.

France , bound by treaty to Russia, found itself at war against Germany and, by nursing, extension, on Austria-Hungary following a German declaration on ire counter 3 August. Germany was swift in invading neutral Belgium so as to reach Paris by the shortest possible route. In Ww1. Britain , allied to France by a more loosely worded treaty which placed a moral obligation upon her to defend France, declared war against ire counter, Germany on 4 August. Her reason for entering the conflict lay in Motifs and Symbols in A Midsummer Night's Essay another direction: she was obligated to defend neutral Belgium by the terms of a 75-year old treaty. With Germany's invasion of ire counter Belgium on 4 August, and the Belgian King's appeal to Britain for assistance, Britain committed herself to mining disaster, Belgium's defence later that day. Like France, she was by ire counter, extension also at should tobacco, war with Austria-Hungary. With Britain's entry into the war, her colonies and dominions abroad variously offered military and financial assistance, and included Australia , Canada, India , New Zealand and the Union of South Africa . United States President Woodrow Wilson declared a U.S. policy of absolute neutrality, an official stance that would last until 1917 when Germany's policy of unrestricted submarine warfare - which seriously threatened America's commercial shipping (which was in any event almost entirely directed towards the ire counter Allies led by essays, Britain and France) - forced the U.S. to finally enter the war on 6 April 1917. Japan , honouring a military agreement with Britain, declared war on Germany on 23 August 1914.

Two days later Austria-Hungary responded by ire counter, declaring war on Japan. Italy , although allied to both Germany and Austria-Hungary, was able to avoid entering the fray by citing a clause enabling it to should tobacco be banned, evade its obligations to both. In short, Italy was committed to defend Germany and ire counter Austria-Hungary only in the event of a 'defensive' war; arguing that their actions were 'offensive' she declared instead a policy of neutrality. The following year, in May 1915, she finally joined the conflict by siding with the nursing Allies against her two former allies. Ire Counter. Click here for mining disaster more extensive information detailing who entered the war - and when.

Such were the mechanics that brought the world's major nations into the war at one time or another. It's clear from the summary above that the alliance system was as much at ire counter, fault as anything in should bringing about the scale of the conflict. What was intended as a strictly limited war - a brief war - between accuser and accused, Austria-Hungary and Serbia, rapidly escalated into something that was beyond the expectations of even the most warlike ministers in Berlin (and certainly Vienna, which quickly became alarmed at spiralling events in ire counter late July and Themes, in A Dream sought German reassurances). It's possible to delve deeply into European history in the quest to unearth the roots of the various alliances that were at play in 1914. However, for our purposes it serves to date the origins of the core alliances back to Bismarck's renowned intrigues, as he set about creating a unified Germany from the loose assembly of German confederated states in the 1860s. Bismarck, first Prime Minister of Prussia and then Chancellor of the ire counter German Empire (once he had assembled it), set about the construction of Germany through high politics judiciously assisted by war against tobacco, Austria and France. Appointed Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of ire counter Prussia by Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1862, Bismarck was consumed with a desire to should tobacco, achieve the ire counter creation of a German Empire out of the collection of chilean smaller German states largely led by Austria's influence (another German-speaking nation). His first step was to oust Austria as the ire counter prime influence among these German states. He achieved this by maslow stages, engineering war with Austria in 1866 over ire counter, disputed territory in the duchy of Holstein (much against the wishes of of nationalism his own Kaiser).

The resulting war lasted just seven weeks - hence its common title 'The Seven Weeks War' - and ire counter ended with the complete dominance of the supremely efficient Prussian military. In a peace mediated by the French Emperor, Napoleon III, Bismarck extracted from Austria not only Schleswig and Holstein, but also Hanover, Hesse, Nassau and Frankfurt, creating the North German Federation. As importantly, Bismarck had successfully displaced Austria in the spheres of influence over the many small German states. Having assembled a united assembly in the north Bismarck determined to essays, achieve the same in the south - and so unite all of the German states under the ire counter Prussian banner. How to Motifs and Symbols in A Essay, achieve this? Bismarck resolved that war with the French, a common enemy, would attain his aims. First, he needed to ire counter, engineer a credible reason for war. Thus, in 1870, Bismarck attempted to place a Hohenzollern prince on the throne in stages of development Spain. Napoleon III, fearful of the prospect of theoretical war on ire counter two fronts - for Motifs in A Midsummer Essay the Hohenzollern prince was a relative of Kaiser Wilhelm I - objected. Bismarck turned up the diplomatic heat by releasing, on 14 July 1870, a doctored version of a telegram ostensibly from the Kaiser to ire counter, Bismarck himself, called the of nationalism in ww1 Ems Telegram. The effect of the telegram was to ire counter, simultaneously insult both France and Prussia over their inability to resolve the dispute over and Symbols in A Night's, the Spanish throne.

Napoleon III, facing civil revolt at ire counter, home over quite unrelated matters, and stages of development receiving encouraging noises from his military commanders, responded by ire counter, declaring war against Prussia five days later, on 19 July 1870. Once again, as was the case against nursing communication, Austria, the Prussian military machine demolished the French forces. Napoleon III, who personally led his forces at the lost Battle of Sedan, surrendered and ire counter was deposed in the civil war that boiled over in France, resulting in essays on gay the Third French Republic. Meantime the Prussian forces laid siege to Paris between September 1870 and January 1871, starving the city into surrender. The consequences of the war were numerous. Aside from the usual territorial gains - France ceded both Alsace and Lorraine to Prussia and was forced to pay swingeing reparations (equivalent to around $1 billion today) - the southern German states agreed to an alliance with their northern counterparts, resulting in the creation of Bismarck's cherished German Empire. Bismarck's creation of a unified Germany was of direct relevance to the outbreak of war some 43 years later, since it resulted in ire counter the assembly of the key alliances that later came into play. For, having achieved his life's aim, Bismarck's expansionary plans were at maslow stages, an end. He had secured what he wanted, and his chief desire now was to ire counter, maintain its stability.

He therefore set about building European alliances aimed at protecting Germany from potentially threatening quarters. He was acutely aware that the French were itching to revenge their defeat at the earliest opportunity - and the loss of Alsace and Lorraine to Prussia would prove to be a lasting sore. Indeed, the French plan for war in 1914, Plan XVII, was largely based around the recapture of Alsace and communication Lorraine in the shortest possible time - with disastrous consequences. Bismarck did not initially fear an ire counter alliance between France and Britain, for the latter was at that time in Themes, Midsummer the midst of a self-declared 1870s policy of splendid isolation, choosing to ire counter, stay above continental European politics. If not Britain then, how about Russia and, conceivably, beaten foe Austria-Hungary? The Three Emperors League Dual Alliance. He began by negotiating, in 1873, the Three Emperors League, which tied Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia to each other's aid in time of war.

This however only Themes, Motifs in A Night's Dream, lasted until Russia's withdrawal five years later in 1878, leaving Bismarck with a new Dual Alliance with Austria-Hungary in 1879. This latter treaty promised aid to each other in the event of an ire counter attack by marriages, Russia, or if Russia aided another power at war with either Germany or Austria-Hungary. Should either nation be attacked by another power, e.g. France, they were to remain - at the very least - benevolently neutral. This alliance, unlike others, endured until war in 1914. Ire Counter. It was this clause that Austria-Hungary invoked in calling Germany to her aid against Russian support for Serbia (who in turn was protected by treaty with Russia). Two years after Germany and Austria-Hungary concluded their agreement, Italy was brought into the fold with the signing of the Triple Alliance in Themes, Motifs Midsummer Dream 1881. Ire Counter. Under the provisions of this treaty, Germany and Austria-Hungary promised to assist Italy if she were attacked by France, and disaster vice versa: Italy was bound to lend aid to Germany or Austria-Hungary if France declared war against either. Additionally, should any signatory find itself at war with two powers (or more), the ire counter other two were to provide military assistance.

Finally, should any of the three determine to launch a 'preventative' war (a euphemism if ever there was one), the others would remain neutral. One of the chief aims of the Triple Alliance was to mining disaster, prevent Italy from declaring war against Austria-Hungary, towards whom the Italians were in ire counter dispute over territorial matters. In the event the Triple Alliance was essentially meaningless, for Italy subsequently negotiated a secret treaty with France, under which Italy would remain neutral should Germany attack France - which in the event transpired. In 1914 Italy declared that Germany's war against France was an 'aggressive' one and so entitled Italy to claim neutrality. A year later, in 1915, Italy did enter the First World War, as an ally of Britain, France and Russia. Austria-Hungary signed an alliance with Romania in 1883, negotiated by Germany, although in the event Romania - after starting World War One as a neutral - eventually joined in with the Allies; as such Austria-Hungary's treaty with Romania was of no actual significance. Potentially of greater importance - although it was allowed to lapse three years after its signature - Bismarck, in 1887, agreed to a so-called Reinsurance Treaty with Russia. This document stated that both powers would remain neutral if either were involved in essays a war with a third (be it offensive or defensive). However, should that third power transpire to be France, Russia would not be obliged to provide assistance to Germany (as was the case of Germany if Russia found itself at war with Austria-Hungary).

Bismarck's intention was to avoid the ire counter possibility of mining a two-front war against both France and Russia. A decidedly tangled mesh of alliances; but the Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, allowed the Reinsurance Treaty to lapse in 1890 (the same year the new German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, brought about the dismissal of his veteran Chancellor, Bismarck). The year after the Reinsurance Treaty lapsed Russia allied itself with France. Both powers agreed to consult with the other should either find itself at war with any other nation, or if indeed the stability of Europe was threatened. This rather loosely worded agreement was solidified in 1892 with the Franco-Russian Military Convention, aimed specifically at counteracting the potential threat posed by the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. In short, should France or Russia be attacked by ire counter, one of the Triple Alliance signatories - or even should a Triple Alliance power mobilise against either (where to mobilise meant simply placing a nation on a war footing preparatory to the declaration of hostilities), the of nationalism in ww1 other power would provide military assistance. British Emergence From Splendid Isolation. Meanwhile, Britain was awaking to the emergence of Germany as a great European power - and a colonial power at ire counter, that. Kaiser Wilhelm's successor, Wilhelm II, proved far more ambitious in establishing a place in the sun for Germany. With the effective dismissal of Bismarck the new Kaiser was determined to stages of development, establish Germany as a great colonial power in the pacific and, most notably, in Africa.

Wilhelm, encouraged by ire counter, naval minister Tirpitz, embarked upon a massive shipbuilding exercise intended to produce a naval fleet the equal of Britain's, unarguably by far and away the world's largest. Britain, at that time the greatest power of all, took note. In the early years of the twentieth century, in 1902, she agreed a military alliance with Japan, aimed squarely at limiting German colonial gains in the east. She also responded by commissioning a build-up in her own naval strength, determined to outstrip Germany. In this she succeeded, building in just 14 months - a record - the enormous Dreadnought battleship, completed in December 1906. By the time war was declared in 1914 Germany could muster 29 battleships, Britain 49. Despite her success in the naval race, Germany's ambitions succeeded at the very least in chilean pulling Britain into the European alliance system - and, it has been argued, brought war that much closer. Cordial Agreements: Britain, France - and Russia. Two years later Britain signed the Entente Cordiale with France. This 1904 agreement finally resolved numerous leftover colonial squabbles.

More significantly, although it did not commit either to the other's military aid in time of war, it did offer closer diplomatic co-operation generally. Three years on, in 1907, Russia formed what became known as the Triple Entente (which lasted until World War One) by signing an agreement with Britain, the Anglo-Russian Entente. Together the two agreements formed the three-fold alliance that lasted and effectively bound each to the other right up till the outbreak of world war just seven years later. Again, although the two Entente agreements were not militarily binding in ire counter any way, they did place a moral obligation upon the signatories to aid each other in time of war. It was chiefly this moral obligation that drew Britain into the war in defence of France, although the British pretext was actually the terms of the largely forgotten 1839 Treaty of London that committed the British to defend Belgian neutrality (discarded by the Germans as a scrap of paper in 1914, when they asked Britain to ignore it). In 1912 Britain and France did however conclude a military agreement, the Anglo-French Naval Convention, which promised British protection of France's coastline from German naval attack, and French defence of the Suez Canal. Agreements Set, The Occasional Minor War. Such were the alliances between the major continental players. There were other, smaller alliances too - such as Russia's pledge to maslow of development, protect Serbia, and Britain's agreement to defend Belgian neutrality - and ire counter each served its part in drawing each nation into Themes, in A Essay the coming great war.

In the interim however, there were a number of 'minor' conflicts that helped to stir emotions in the years immediately preceding 1914, and which gave certain nations more stake than others in entering the ire counter world war. Russian War With Japan: Shock Japanese Victory. Ever since Russia declined Japan's offer in examples of nationalism in ww1 1903 for each to recognise the other's interests in Manchuria and ire counter Korea, trouble was looming. The Japanese launched a successful attack upon Russian warships in Korea, at Inchon, and in Port Arthur, China. Communication. This was followed by a land invasion of both disputed territories of Korea and Manchuria in ire counter 1904. Among other set-pieces, the Japanese astonished the western powers by destroying the entire Russian fleet at the Battle of Themes, Midsummer Night's Essay Tsushima (27-28 May 1905) for the loss of ire counter two torpedo boats - a humiliating Russian defeat. The U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt, mediated a peace agreement between Japan and Russia, one that resulted in material gains for Japan and with note being taken in nursing Berlin of the fallacy of the myth of Russian invincibility. The scale of Russia's defeat in part contributed to ire counter, the attempted Russian Revolution of Themes, Motifs and Symbols in A Midsummer Night's 1905, and ire counter the battered and shaken Tsar, Nicholas II, was determined to restore Russian prestige (not least in tobacco the Romanov dynasty itself): and what better way to achieve this than through military conquest? The Balkans, 1912: Italy Versus Turkey. Strife in the Balkans was nothing new.

In 1912 it continued with war between Italy and Turkey, over the latter's African possessions. Turkey lost and was forced to hand over ire counter, Libya, Rhodes and the Dodecanese Islands to the Italians. The Balkans, 1912 (Part II): The First Balkan War. Turkey's troubles were not yet over. Having concluded peace with the Italians it found itself engulfed in war with no fewer than four small nations over the possession of Balkan territories: Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria - and later Montenegro. The intervention of the larger European powers brought about an end to this the First Balkan War of 1912-13.

Again Turkey lost out, shedding Crete and examples of nationalism all of its European possessions. The Balkans, 1913: The Second Balkan War. Later in the 1913, conflict erupted again in the Balkans, as Bulgaria, unsatisfied with its earlier spoils, fought with its recent allies in an attempt to control a greater part of Macedonia; and when the so-named Young Turks - Turkish army officers - denounced the earlier peace as unfair. Between May and ire counter July 1913 Bulgaria's former allies beat back the new aggressor, Bulgaria, and and Symbols Romania captured the ire counter Bulgarian capital Sofia in August. Beaten and having surrendered on 10 August 1913, Bulgaria also lost Adrianople back to Turkey. Despite the re-establishment of peace in the Balkans, nothing had really been settled and tensions remained high. Nursing. The numerous small nations that had found themselves under Turkish or Austro-Hungarian rule for many years stirred themselves in nationalistic fervour. Yet while these Balkan nations sought their own individual voice and self-determination, they were nevertheless united in identifying themselves as pan-Slavic peoples, with Russia as their chief ally. The latter was keen to encourage this belief in the Russian people as the Slav's natural protectors, for aside from a genuine emotional attachment, it was a means by which Russia could regain a degree of lost prestige. Come 1914, trouble was not restricted to the smaller nations outlined above.

The Austro-Hungarian empire was directly impacted by ire counter, troubles in the Balkans and, under the ageing Emperor Franz Josef, was patently struggling to maintain coherence of the various diametrically opposed ethnic groups which fell under the Austro-Hungarian umbrella. As such, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by the Serbian nationalist secret society, the Black Hand, provided the Austro-Hungarian government with a golden opportunity to stamp its authority over the region. Russia, ally of the Slavs - and marriages therefore of Serbia - had been struggling to hold back full-scale revolution ever since the Japanese military disaster of 1905. In 1914, while the Tsar himself was reluctant, his government saw war with Austria-Hungary as an opportunity to restore social order - which indeed it did, at least until the continuation of repeated Russian military setbacks, Rasputin's intrigue at court and food shortages combined to bring about the long-threatened total revolution (which, encouraged by Germany, brought about Russia's withdrawal from the war in 1917). Then there is France. Almost immediately following her defeat by Prussia in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, together with the humiliating annexation by ire counter, the newly unified Germany of the coal-rich territories of Alsace and Lorraine, the French government and military alike were united in thirsting for revenge. To this end the French devised a strategy for mining a vengeful war upon Germany, Plan XVII, whose chief aim was the defeat of ire counter Germany and nursing communication the restoration of Alsace and Lorraine. Ire Counter. The plan was fatally flawed, and chilean mining disaster relied to ire counter, an untenable extent upon the lan which was believed to form an integral part of the French army - an irresistible force that would sweep over its enemies. As for Germany, she was unsettled socially and militarily. The 1912 Reichstag elections had resulted in the election of no fewer than 110 socialist deputies, making Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg's task in chilean mining liaising between the Reichstag and the autocratic Wilhelm, not to ire counter, mention the rigidly right-wing military high command, next to impossible. Bethmann Hollweg, who became most despondent, came to believe that Germany's only hope of in ww1 avoiding civil unrest sooner rather than later lay in war: preferably a short, sharp war, although he did not rule out a European-wide conflict if it resolved Germany's social and political woes.

This outlook on life fuelled his decision of 6 July 1914 - whilst the Austro-Hungarian government was weighing its options with regard to Serbia - to offer the former what has been commonly referred to as a blank cheque; that is, an ire counter unconditional guarantee of support for nursing communication Austria-Hungary no matter what she decided. Germany's military unsettlement arose in the sense that Kaiser Wilhelm II was finding himself largely frustrated in his desire to carve out a grand imperial role for Germany. Whilst he desired a place in the sun, he found that all of the ire counter bright areas had been already snapped up by the other colonial powers, leaving him only with a place in the shade. Not that Wilhelm II was keen upon a grand war. Rather, he failed to foresee the consequences of his military posturing, his determination to should, construct both land and naval forces the equivalent - and better - than those of Britain and France (with varying success). However his government and his military commanders assuredly did anticipate what was to ire counter, come. A plan to take on both Russia and France, a war on tobacco two fronts, had long been expected and taken into account. The so-called Schlieffen Plan, devised by former Army Chief of Staff Alfred von Schlieffen, had been carefully crafted to deal with a two-front war scenario. The plan, which very nearly succeeded, outlined a plan to conquer France, to knock her out ire counter, of the war, on a 'Western Front', within five weeks - before, the Germans calculated, Russia could effectively mobilise for war on the 'Eastern Front' (which they estimated would take six weeks). It is often speculated - and and Symbols Midsummer Dream Essay argued - that the ire counter plan would have succeeded but for stages the decision of the then-German Chief of Staff in 1914, Helmuth von Moltke, to authorise a critical deviation from the plan that, it is believed, stemmed from a lack of nerve, and crucially slowed the path towards Paris - with fatal consequences (and which ended in static trench warfare).

Still, the German plan took no real account of Britain's entry into the war. Ire Counter. The German government gave no credence to the possibility that Britain would ignore her own commercial interests (which were presumably best served by staying aloof from the and Symbols Midsummer Essay conflict and maintaining her all-important commercial trading routes), and ire counter would instead uphold her ancient treaty of obligation to recover violated Belgian neutrality. For a fuller explanation of the powers' war plans, and of their upshot, click here. It is also suggested that Germany would have backed away from war had Britain declared her intentions sooner. Believing that Britain would stay out of the coming conflict, and would limit herself to maslow stages, diplomatic protests - after all, Britain was under no strict military obligation to France - Germany, and Austria-Hungary, proceeded under the ire counter belief that war would be fought solely with France and Russia. The British Government, and its Foreign Minister, Sir Edward Grey, attempted to mediate throughout July, reserving at all times its right to nursing communication, remain aloof from the ire counter dispute. It was only as the war began that the British position solidified into support for, ostensibly, Belgium.

Hence the oft-levelled criticism that had Britain come out clearly on the side of Belgium and chilean mining France earlier in July, war would have been avoided: Germany would have effectively instructed Austria-Hungary to ire counter, settle with Serbia, especially given the latter's willingness to co-operate with Austria-Hungary. Whether this would have transpired given the German war machine's determination for war is of course unknown. The First World War has sometimes been labelled, with reason, a family affair. Examples Of Nationalism In Ww1. This is derived from the reality that many of the European monarchies - many of which fell during the war (including those of ire counter Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary) - were inter-related. The British monarch George V's predecessor, Edward VII, was the mining German Kaiser's uncle and, via his wife's sister, uncle of the Russian Tsar as well. His niece, Alexandra, was the Tsar's wife. Edward's daughter, Maud, was the Norwegian Queen, and ire counter his niece, Ena, Queen of Spain; Marie, a further niece, was to become Queen of Romania.

Despite these familial relations - nine Kings attended Edward's funeral - European politics was all about power and influence, of protection and encirclement. Mining Disaster. Thus the tangled web of alliances which sprung up in the wake of the rise of the newly united German Empire in 1871. This article has not by any means encompassed all of the suggested contributory factors that led inexorably to world war. It has however attempted to pull together the main strands: Austro-Hungarian determination to impose its will upon the Balkans; a German desire for greater power and international influence, which sparked a naval arms race with Britain, who responded by ire counter, building new and greater warships, the Dreadnought ; a French desire for revenge against Germany following disastrous defeat in 1871; Russia's anxiety to restore some semblance of national prestige after almost a decade of civil strife and chilean mining disaster a battering at the hands of the ire counter Japanese military in 1905. Having dealt with these topics, however briefly, feel free to further explore the First World site to of nationalism in ww1, gain a wider perspective of what happened, when, and to whom. The How It Began section is probably as good a place as any to start.

Click here to view a map of pre-war Europe. Saturday, 22 August, 2009 Michael Duffy. Suicide Ditch was a term used by British soldiers to refer to ire counter, the front-line trench.

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AIDS Term Paper Dealing With The Unknown. As AIDS is ire counter a global problem nowadays (more than forty million people all over the world are affected by it), students of various departments and specializations may be asked to essays on gay prepare a term paper on AIDS and HIV . It#8217;s not a problem to find information on AIDS nowadays. There are interdisciplinary studies, sites of ire counter NGO#8217;s that deal with HIV-infected people, articles in press. But which of should them will you need while writing an ire counter AIDS term paper ? And how do you need to structure your findings? We#8217;ll try to help you answer these questions on chilean mining our page. First of all, you need to know that AIDS Term papers are mostly written in APA or Harvard reference style, with the ire counter, exception of on gay culture-related topics like #8220;The impact of AIDS on American popular culture#8221;, #8220;Attitude towards HIV-infected people in society#8221;. Term papers on these topics will be done in MLA or Chicago/Turabian format. Ire Counter. As none of the breakthrough in medical science has disclosed the mysteries behind the disease and the treatment to cure it is still not discovered, AIDS remains to be one of the most interesting and challenging topic to do a term paper on. But remember, that you are not asked to make a discovery in your AIDS term paper . Term papers aim at developing analytical skills first of all. Therefore, your AIDS term paper will be successful if it provides an unusual perspective on the research subject. Thus, you need to choose a topic carefully.

The further advice on what you need to focus on in AIDS term paper will depend on your research area. helps the nursing, students to deal with any controversial topic like Abortion research paper, and challenging research paper topics like Cancer research paper and AIDS term paper . Ire Counter. Quick Navigation through AIDS Term Paper: When choosing a topic for an AIDS term paper , the students can make up a research in any of the following research areas. The history of AIDS . If your focus is to Themes, Motifs Night's Dream Essay analyze the history of the disease, you should elaborate on the facts that the disease was first diagnosed in ire counter, 1981 in Africa and examples, Monkey is believed to have transmitted the virus to human being. You may also give a detail on ire counter how it eventually spread all around, or focus on the spread of AIDS in particular region. The treatment of AIDS . This topic can be little tricky as the of development, treatments for AIDS are able to only strengthen the immunity of the patient for certain periods of time, but not cure him. Ire Counter. However scientists were trying to find the cure for several decades already, and you may devote your term paper to their research, or focus just on essays on gay several scientists. The cause of disease . You can focus on the cause of the disease for the study, as there are several ways one can become infected with AIDS.

AIDS is a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), which means it transfers through sexual activity or direct exposure to the blood of HIV infected person like through the use of same syringe. The most usual way is direct contact of ire counter physical fluids that are radiated from a male or a female. It does not matter what sex the and Symbols Night's, person has, both may be infected. This contact transmits blood that was previously vigorous. The contamination of the ire counter, blood may happen through being drug abused. The writer of the AIDS term paper can write about the other most general method of examples of nationalism in ww1 transmitting aids is by mother to child transfusion. The virus can be transmitted through birth or breast-feeding. But this illness cannot be contracted through tears and dribble, even though some people think it can do it. Ire Counter. Prevention of in ww1 AIDS . Ire Counter. Another area of study could be the essays, preventive measures.

The prevention method includes having safe sex, using sterile injecting equipment. In addition, dissemination of sex and STD education to adolescents and adults can help prevent the disease. The social stigma and prejudices . Ire Counter. Another area of study would be focusing on the prejudices against nursing communication, the patients in ire counter, the society and the stigma associated with the nursing communication, disease. Ire Counter. This research area will be especially interesting for students with major in Sociology, Social Work, Human Rights, and maslow stages of development, Psychology. In this case your AIDS term paper can be backed with the ire counter, interview with patients, their family members, relatives and friends. Social services . Stages. An interesting and practical topic for an AIDS term paper may be various social services provided by private and governmental organizations to deal with the disease. It’s not a common knowledge which organizations that deal with AIDS offer grants to research institutions, which offer medical care for HIV-infected people, which help them to communicate the society, and which aim at AIDS prevention primary.

Therefore, the question is worth studying. Thus, you see, the facets of the disease are many; choose the one that interests you the most. And we can help you with each part of it! From the outline for the term paper, to the custom term paper which will follow the outline of your own. The writers at are professional and experienced writers, who can deal with the complexities of AIDS term paper . They are also well versed with reference formats, in which the AIDS term papers are mostly written.

Moreover, the ire counter, writers at will give total originality to your papers that need to pass through a deep plagiarism test. With the help of services, you are sure to have a unique work with 100% original content! The writers come to grips with writing the works on every subject, making all the necessary investigations. provides students with custom essay writing services according to the curricula they have. While searching for writers, they are tasted thoroughly and as a result we hire only well qualified experts to prepare best papers for our clients. When the chilean, content is ready, it is fundamentally checked for plagiarized material before the ire counter, delivery.

One more peculiarity is that never uses the same content that was already sent to one client. So you may be sure that you will be the only owner of the paper ordered at our company. While working over any topic, writers at use different sources, such as electronic libraries, latest journals and newspapers. That is stages of development why all the papers contain only actual information. Ire Counter. As a result, you are provided with the qualitative works covering the necessary area. Essays Marriages. If you are asked to ire counter prepare a term paper on AIDS awareness , there are several topics you might choose. Today, approximately forty million people are living with the virus of HIV/AIDS . Maslow Of Development. Even 3 decades after it was diagnosed, AIDS remains one of the deadliest diseases in human history. The disease can victimize anybody disregard to age, sex, religion or nationality.

With an astonishing amount of cases being reported every year, something must be done to educate the youth about the potential dangers of this pandemic. Papers on AIDS awareness may focus on discussing people ignorance and silence regarding HIV/AIDS in some parts of the word, the statistical data on ire counter the infected people per year, preventive measures carried by social organizations and government. AIDS paper conclusion should be written in a proper way. Of Nationalism. It will be the most challenging part of your paper, where you’ll need to summarize your main points and discussions. It’s especially problematic as you both need to perform the ire counter, distance with the chilean disaster, subject matter as required in academic circles and at the same time you are expected to show the personal involvement with the subject matter. HIV is a virus that gradually damages the cells of immune system.

The spread of HIV in a person’s body leaves the body open to ire counter an attack by a great number of other diverse infections, named “opportunistic diseases.” It is at the point of of nationalism very progressive HIV infection that a human is said to ire counter have AIDS . It can take many years before HIV damages the immune system enough for nursing communication AIDS to progress. “Opportunistic diseases” are the major causes of death of people having AIDS . As there is not yet a medicine for AIDS , once the disease attacks the body there is no way to get rid of the virus, unfortunately. This is a very sad statistics, but it is proved by the numerous investigations and researches. HIV term paper may focus on HIV virus and its development and measures of maintaining organism in a proper condition to prevent AIDS development. The only way to be prevented and safe from AIDS is to know as much information about HIV and its transmission as possible.

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Free Information Technology essays. 1.1 Brief Introduction. Log analysis is an art and science seeking to make sense out of computer-generated records. Log Analysis is ire counter also referred to as system or network log analysis. Should Tobacco Be Banned. The process of creating such records is called data logging. Ire Counter. Logs are emitted by operating systems, network devices, applications and all manner of intelligent or programmable device .A stream of messages in time-sequence often comprise a log. Logs may be directed to files and stored on disk, or directed as a network stream to a log collector. Of Nationalism In Ww1. Log messages must usually be interpreted with respect to the internal state of its source (e.g., application) and announce security-relevant or operations-relevant events (e.g., a user login, or a systems error). Logs are often created by software developers. Ire Counter. It is created to aid in the debugging of the operation of examples application .The syntax and semantics of ire counter data within log messages are usually application or vendor-specific. Disaster. Terminology may also vary; for example, the authentication of a user to an application may be described as a login, a logon, an user connection or authentication event.

Hence, log analysis must interpret messages within the context of an application, vendor, system or configuration in order to ire counter, make useful comparisons to messages from different log sources. Log message format or content may not always be fully documented. Task of the log analyst is to induce the system to emit the full range of messages in order to understand the complete domain from which the messages must be interpreted. Through experience it makes the task of finding out the bugs within the log files much easier. Similarly the products like W4N, ViPR, NCM, ECS, SRM, SMARTS etc. Also generates Log files which are to be analyzed by the log analyst to fix them at the e the bugs in the products in order to mining disaster, keep the product up and running without any interruption. If any bugs found it has to ire counter, be fixed as soon as possible to avoid other malfunctions. To find out the bugs easily in the log files and to fix them at the earliest LOG ANALYZER was developed.

This tool helps the analyst to find out the bugs within the log files in many ways, it also provides 3 main functionalities to locate a bug in the Log Files. This project ensures finding bugs within the log files providing the should below features:- o Standalone Desktop Based Tool. o Easy, Friendly User interface. o Ability to perform search on ire counter single and multiple files. o Support for Multiple Products: Logs from multiple products like W4N, ViPR, and NCM etc’can be searched within the framework. o Supports Multiple File Type. o Search Entire Folder. o Multiple Search Option.

o Multiple Options to Display Errors. o Provide Highlighters for the Errors found. o Panels in the UI should be Adjustable. Literature survey is carried out in order to analyze the background of the current project which helps to find out nursing flaws in the existing system #038; guides on ire counter which unsolved problems can be workout. Log Analyzer tools are available in examples in ww1, the market most of ire counter them are web based application with limited features. If Literature Survey is should carried out ire counter correctly then it helps the developer in development process. 2.1 What is a Search Log?

A search log is a log file of the communications (i.e., transactions) between a system and the users of mining that system. Rice and Borgman (1983) present transaction logs as a data collection method that automatically captures the type, content, or time of transactions made by ire counter, a person from a terminal with that system. Peters (1993) views transaction logs as electronically recorded interactions between on-line information retrieval systems and the persons who search for the information found in Themes, Motifs Midsummer Night's Dream, those systems. Ire Counter. For Web searching, a search log is an electronic record of interactions that have occurred during a searching episode between a Web search engine and users searching for information on that Web search engine. A Web search engine may be a general-purpose search engine, a nice search engine, a searching application on a single Website, or variations on these broad classifications.

The users may be humans or computer programs acting on behalf of humans. Interactions are the communication exchanges that occur between users and the system. Either the user or the communication system may initiate elements of these exchanges. 2.2 How are These Interactions Collected? The process of ire counter recording the data in the search log is relatively straightforward.

Servers record and store the interactions between searchers (i.e. ,actually Web browsers on essays on gay marriages a particular computer)and search engines in a log file (i.e., the transaction log) on the server using a software application. Thus, most search logs are server-side recordings of interactions. Major Web search engines execute millions of ire counter these interactions per day. The server software application can record various types of data and interactions depending on the file format that the server software supports. 2.3 Why Collect This Data?

Once the server collects and stages, records the ire counter data in a file, one must analyze this data in order to obtain beneficial information. Few Tools are given below:- o PowerGREP:- PowerGREP is of development a powerful Windows grep tool. Quickly search through large numbers of files on ire counter your PC or network, including text and binary files, compressed archives, MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, OpenOffice files, etc. Find the information you want with powerful text patterns (regular expressions) specifying the form of what you want, instead of of nationalism in ww1 literal text. Search and replace with one or many regular expressions to comprehensively maintain web sites, source code, reports, etc.

Extract statistics and knowledge from logs files and large data sets. o Weblog expert:- WebLog Expert is a fast and powerful access log analyzer. It will give you information about your site’s visitors: activity statistics, accessed files, paths through the site, information about referring pages, search engines, browsers, operating systems, and more. The program produces easy-to-read reports that include both text information (tables) and charts. View the WebLog Expert sample report to get the general idea of the variety of information about your site’s usage it can provide.

o Log Parser Lizard:- Log Parser Lizard is a GUI for Microsoft Logparser, definitely the best one available on ire counter the market today. Log Parser is a very powerful and versatile query software tool that provides universal query access (using SQL) to text-based data, such as log files, XML files, and mining disaster, TSV/CSV text files, as well as key data sources on the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as the Windows Event Log, IIS log, the ire counter registry, the File System, the Active Directory services and much more. o Piwik, Oracle log analyser, Wget are few other log analysis tool . 2.2 Existing System. Presently there is no specific tool available for to maslow stages, find exact bugs in ire counter, the log file. Different Log Analysts use different method to find the bugs within the log file .One such Tool which they currently use is Note Pad++.Note Pad++ searches a file for multiple keywords. You can specify a list of keywords to stages, search for in the current file, and filter out lines that match any of the keywords in this list. It was developed mainly for analyzing log files where you are interested in ire counter, more than one keyword and the order in which they appear. o Matching lines are listed with their line numbers in a separate panel in the plug-in window. o Double clicking a matched line in this panel will take you to the corresponding line in the original document.

o Options to copy the filtered lines to clipboard and highlight matches in the original file. o Supports case sensitive search, whole word matching and regular expressions. Regexp is enabled by default. 2.3 Problem Statement. Note Pad++ is marriages not efficient in all ways.

o It only performs keyword search. o It does not perform other advance searches like automatic grepping the exceptions from the log file. o Fails to a load a log file more than few MB’s length. o Using this tool is not that effective. Ire Counter. Log Analyst must go through the log files line by line in order to fix a bug. o Time consuming. o If a larger log file has to be searched it has to be first split into many chunks, open each chunk and find the errors in it manually. o To split the files some other tool should be used first and communication, then open each split in Note Pad++ every time. o If there are many larger files as such the time complexity increases. o If the issue is critical it has to be escalated within short amount of time ,if this is the case to split it and them find errors in each split it will affect the client’s environment who is waiting for the issue to get fixed.

2.4 Proposed System. The proposed system has a lot of ire counter new features which would help the log analysts perform the log analysis quickly and accurately. Following are the features of the Log Analyzer. o Standalone Desktop Based Tool: The Tool will be a standalone desktop based application which helps the users to maslow stages of development, install them on Laptop or Personal computer. It is a light weight tool(uses minimum system resources) o Easy, User Friendly User interface: The Tool has a very understandable GUI where Tool Tips for all the components will be provided to guide the user in the correct path in ire counter, order to use the nursing tool effectively and more efficiently. o Ability to ire counter, perform search on Motifs and Symbols single and multiple files: When other tools have problem opening a single file to ire counter, find errors this tool has a ability to perform search on be banned multiple files on a single selection. o Provides folder Search option: where a search error in a single large file is a challenge here an entire folder could be searched. o Support for Multiple Products: Logs from multiple products like W4N, ViPR, and NCM etc’can be searched within the framework. This tool is not specific to a product. o Supports Multiple File Type: The tool supports different files types. Following files are accepted as input file .txt, .log.

o Multiple Search Options: ‘ Simple and Advance Search: In Simple Search log analyst can select a file or multiple files or a complete folder and search for ire counter, both Warning and severe or restrict the search for either of one. ‘ Manual Keyword Based Search: In Keyword Search log analyst can select a file or multiple files or a complete folder and search for the keyword of the Log Analyst’s choice. Again log analyst can select the kind of pattern he/she wants like Match Case, Starts With, Ends With (All Cases would display Match Case, Starts With and ends With). ‘ Automatic search of examples of nationalism Standard Java Errors in the log File: When Simple, Keyword or Date and Time range searches are performed on the log files Java Exception are automatically grepped and displayed to the User. ‘ Search based on Date and Time Range: This is a unique feature and more useful feature where a time range can be specified and everything within the ire counter time range will get displayed to user.

o Multiple Options to Display Errors: Errors which are displayed to the user have different colour Example: – SEVERE ‘ Red and WARNING-Green For the number of files selected corresponding tabbed panes gets generated and displays the errors specific to the file names. o Close Options: The Tabs created can be independently closed or on tobacco be banned right click there is option available to close the entire tabs which are opened. o Provide Highlighters to the Errors found: For all the searches performed Simple, Keyword and ire counter, Date and Time Range Search Colour Highlighters are provide for the Log Analyst to locate the errors in the file. Different colours indicating severity level. SEVERE ‘Red, WARNING-Green.

Searched Keyword will get a Yellow Highlight. ‘ Date and Time Range search: Start Time- Green, End Time ‘Green. o Panels in on gay, the UI should be Adjustable: This feature is mainly for the Log Analyst’s readability. o Display the ire counter Progress of the Search: When the chilean mining disaster User is performing a search notify if it is progressing and when the search is completed.

o Abort Operation: If the user is not interested in performing the search heshe must be able to ire counter, abort the search at and Symbols in A Midsummer Dream any point of time. o Open Files: The Tool also enables the ire counter Log Analyst’s to open the examples of nationalism in ww1 selected file from the tool with the supporting software required to ire counter, open that particular file. The files are stored on a table for each of the search options. It is Themes, Motifs Night's Dream Essay stored along with the path for the Log Analyst to identify which log file it is while performing search on multiple files or a folder. 2.5 NETBEANS- IDE 8.0.1 TOOL. NetBeans is a multi-language software development environment comprising an integrated development environment (IDE) and an extensible plug-in system. It is ire counter written primarily in Java and can be used to develop applications in Java and, by should, means of the various plug-ins, in other languages as well, including C, C++, COBOL, Python, Perl, PHP, and others.

NetBeans employs plug-ins in order to provide all of its functionality on top of (and including) the runtime system, in contrast to some other applications where functionality is typically hard coded. The NetBeans SDK includes the NetBeans java development tools (JDT), offering an IDE with a built-in incremental Java compiler and a full model of the Java source files. This allows for advanced refactoring techniques and code analysis. The IDE also makes use of a workspace, in this case a set of metadata over a flat file space allowing external file modifications as long as the corresponding workspace “resource” is ire counter refreshed afterwards. For implementation purpose Java is be banned chosen as the programming language because of few reasons like Platform Independent, object oriented, rich standard library, swing support, applet interface, distributed etc. SYSTEM REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION.

Software requirement Specification is a fundamental or a base document, which forms the foundation of the software development process. It plays a vital role during the ire counter development process. Examples In Ww1. It not only lists the requirements of a system but also has a description of its major feature. An SRS is basically an organization’s understanding (in writing) of ire counter a customer or potential client’s system requirements and dependencies at a particular point in time prior to nursing communication, any actual design or development work. The SRS also functions as a blueprint for completing a project with as little cost growth as possible. The SRS is often referred to as the “parent” document because all subsequent project management documents, such as design specifications, statements of work, software architecture specifications, testing and validation plans, and documentation plans, are related to it. It is important to note that an SRS contains functional and non functional requirements only; it doesn’t offer design suggestions, possible solutions to technology or business issues, or any other information other than what the development team understands the ire counter customer’s system requirements to be. 3.1 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT. Functional Requirement defines a function of a software system and how the system must behave when presented with specific inputs or conditions. These may include calculations, data manipulation and processing and other specific functionality.

In this system following are the functional requirements:- o Select Search Options (Simple, Keyword or Date and Time Range). o Select file(s) or Folder. o If Simple Search is selected then select the error display option (Default, Warning, and Severe). o If Keyword Search is selected then specify a valid keyword and choose the should tobacco be banned pattern (Match Case, Starts With, Ends With). o If Date and Time Range Search is selected then user should type the start and end time to perform the search. o And then Click on ire counter Start search Button. 3.2 NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT. Non-functional requirements are the requirements which are not directly concerned with the specific function delivered by the system. They specify the criteria that can be used to judge the operation of a system rather than specific behaviours. They may relate to emergent system properties such as reliability, response time and store occupancy.

Non-functional requirements arise through the user needs, because of budget constraints, organizational policies and the need for interoperability with other software and hardware systems or because of chilean mining disaster external factors. All the information of the caller/callee must be available to the user at all the time after installing the application. This application should consume as much as less resource as possible and should run properly in ire counter, all circumstances. This application should be able to get upgrade with changing requirements at various stages. 3.2.4 Platform Compatibility. This application must be compatible with the essays on gay marriages current platform on which it is built as well as its higher version. 3.2.5 Response Time.

This application must have low response time so user can access the information without any delay. This application must have an intuitive and user friendly interface for ire counter, displaying any information. System development method is a process through which a product will get completed or a product gets rid from any problem. Software development process is described as a number of phases, procedures and maslow stages, steps that gives the complete software. It follows series of steps which is ire counter used for product progress. The development method followed in this project is waterfall model. 4.1 Model Phases. The waterfall model is examples in ww1 a sequential software development process, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of Requirement initiation, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and ire counter, maintenance. Requirement Analysis: This phase is nursing communication concerned about collection of requirement of the system. This process involves generating document and requirement review. System Design: Keeping the requirements in ire counter, mind the system specifications are translated in to a software representation.

In this phase the designer emphasizes on:-algorithm, data structure, software architecture etc. Coding: In this phase programmer starts his coding in order to give a full sketch of product. Examples In Ww1. In other words system specifications are only converted in to machine readable compute code. Implementation: The implementation phase involves the actual coding or programming of the software. Ire Counter. The output of this phase is typically the library, executables, user manuals and examples in ww1, additional software documentation. Testing: In this phase all programs (models) are integrated and tested to ensure that the complete system meets the ire counter software requirements. The testing is concerned with verification and validation. Maintenance: The maintenance phase is the longest phase in maslow stages, which the software is updated to fulfil the changing customer need, adapt to accommodate change in the external environment, correct errors and oversights previously undetected in ire counter, the testing phase, enhance the efficiency of the software.

4.2 Waterfall Model as Development Method: o Clear project objectives. o Stable project requirements. o Progress of system is measurable. o Strict sign-off requirements. o Helps you to be perfect. o Logic of software development is clearly understood. o Production of a formal specification. o Better resource allocation. o Improves quality. The emphasis on requirements and design before writing a single line of code ensures minimal wastage of time and effort and reduces the risk of schedule slippage. o Less human resources required as once one phase is essays marriages finished those people can start working on to the next phase.

‘Design’ is defined as ‘The process of applying various techniques and principles for the purpose of defining a process or a system in ire counter, sufficient detail to permit its physical realization’. Various design features are followed to develop the system. The design specification describes the features of the system, the examples of nationalism components or elements of the system and their appearance to end-users. 5.1 Fundamental Design Concepts. A set of fundamental design concepts has evolved over the past three decades.

Although the degree of interest in each concept has varied over the years, each has stood the test of time. Each provides the software designer with a foundation from which more sophisticated design methods can be applied. The fundamental design concepts provide the necessary framework for ‘getting it right’. The fundamental design concepts such as abstraction, refinement, modularity, software architecture, control hierarchy, structural partitioning, data structure, software procedure and information hiding are applied in this project to getting it right as per the specification. 5.1.1 Input Design.

The input Design is the process of converting the user-oriented inputs in to the computer-based format. The goal of designing input data is to make the automation as easy and free from errors as possible. Providing a good input design for the application easy data input and selection features are adopted. The input design requirements such as user friendliness, consistent format and interactive dialogue for giving the right message and help for the user at ire counter right time are also considered for nursing, the development of the project. Input design is ire counter a part of overall system design which requires very careful attention. Often the collection of input data is the most expensive part of the system, which needs to be route through number of should tobacco modules .It is the point where the ire counter user ready to send the data to the destination machine along with known IP address; if the IP address is unknown then it may prone to disaster, error. 5.1.2 Output Design. A quality output is one, which meets the requirements of the end user and presents the information clearly. Ire Counter. In any system results of processing are communicated to the users and to other systems through outputs. It is mining most important and ire counter, direct source information to the user. Efficient and intelligent output improves the systems relationship with source and destination machine.

Outputs from computers are required primarily to get same packet that the user has send instead of corrupted packet and communication, spoofed packets. Ire Counter. They are also used to provide to permanent copy of these results for later consultation. 5.1.3 The MVC Design Method. Swing actually makes use of mining disaster a simplified variant of the ire counter MVC design called the model-delegate. Of Nationalism In Ww1. This design combines the ire counter view and be banned, the controller object into a single element that draws the ire counter component to the screen and handles GUI events known as the UI delegate.

Communication between the model and the UI delegate becomes a two-way street. Each Swing component contains a model and a UI delegate. The model is responsible for maintaining information about the component’s state. The UI delegate is responsible for maintaining information about how to draw the component on the screen. The UI delegate (in conjunction with AWT) reacts to various events that propagate through the component. The design method that has been followed to design the architecture of the system is MVC design pattern. Of Nationalism. Swing uses the ire counter model-view-controller (MVC) architecture as the fundamental design behind each of examples of nationalism in ww1 its components. Essentially, MVC breaks GUI component into three elements.

Each of these elements plays a crucial role in how the component behaves. Ire Counter. The MVC design pattern separates a software component into three distinct pieces: a model, a view, and a controller. o Model: The model is the piece that represents the state and chilean disaster, low-level behavior of the ire counter component. It manages the state and conducts all transformations on that state. Should Tobacco Be Banned. The model has no specific knowledge of either its controllers or its views. It encompasses the state data for each component. There are different models for different types of components. Ire Counter. For example, the model of a scrollbar component might contain information about on gay marriages, its current position of its adjustable ‘thumb’, its minimum and maximum values, and ire counter, the thumb’s width. A menu on the other hand, may simply contain a list of the menu items the user can select from. The system itself maintains links between model and views and notifies the views when the tobacco model changes state.

Figure 5.1:- Combination of ire counter View #038; Controller into a UI delegate object. o View: The view refers to how you see the component in the screen. It is the piece that manages the visual display of the state represented by the model. Almost all window frames will have a title bar spanning the top of the window. However the title bar may have a close box on examples the left side or on the right side. Ire Counter. These are the examples in ww1 examples of different types of views for the same window object. A model can have more than one view, but that is typically not the case in the Swing set.

o Controller: The controller is the piece that manages user interaction with the model. It provides the mechanism by which changes are made to the state of the ire counter model. It is the Themes, in A portion of the user interface that dictates how the component interacts with events. The view cannot render the scrollbar correctly without obtaining information from the model first. Ire Counter. In this case the scrollbar will not know where to draw its ‘thumb’ unless it can obtain its current position and width relative to the minimum and maximum. Likewise the view determines if the component is the recipient of nursing communication user events, such as mouse clicks.

The view passes these events on to the controller, which decides how to ire counter, handle them best. Based on the controller’s decision the values in the model may need to be altered. If the user drags the scrollbar thumb, the controller will react by incrementing the thumb’s position in the model. At that point the whole cycle can repeat. 5.2 Architectural Design. Architectural Design is the conceptual design that defines the Themes, Motifs and Symbols Midsummer structure and ire counter, behaviour of a system. An architecture description is a formal description of a system, organized in a way that supports reasoning about the structural properties of the system. It defines the system components or building blocks and mining disaster, provides a plan from which products can be procured, and systems developed, that will work together to implement the overall system.

The System architecture is shown below. Figure 5.2:- Log Analyzer System Architecture. Input: Input to the tool is Log file(s), Folder. Operation: Simple, Keyword and Date and Time Range Search. Output: Log Analyst expected parsed result. 5.2 Detailed System architecture. The detailed architecture explains how the of flow of the Log Analyzer Tool works Initially when the Log Analyzer Tool is accessed it loads the Initial screen with a tool bar and a display screen. Tool Bar contains all the components which facilitate different operation which the Log Analyzer provides and the display screen displays the analyst expected result. Figure 5.3:- Detailed Architecture of Log Analyzer. Operations which the tool provides are: – i. Simple Search.

ii. Keyword Search. iii. Date and Time Range Search. 5.3 Sequence Diagrams for the System operation. Sequence diagram in Unified Modelling Language (UML) is a kind of interaction.

diagram that shows how processes operate with one another and in what order. It is a. construct of a Message Sequence Chart. 5.3.1 Sequence Diagram for Initiating the Tool. Figure 5.4:- Sequence Diagram for ire counter, Initiating Log Analyzer Tool. This is how the Log Analyzer Tool is initialized.

When the user initiates the tool Home screen of the Log Analyzer Tool is be banned displayed to user where the user can further interact with the tool to find out ire counter bugs within the tobacco be banned log files. User can perform Simple search, Keyword Search and Date and Time Range Search can be performed on the log files to find the bugs in ire counter, the product further the essays analyst fixes those bugs using available resources to overcome the bugs in ire counter, order to keep the product up and running. These search options can be selected based on the analyst interest and experience to find out bugs. If the analyst is not aware of what could be the error in the logs then he/she could perform Simple search along with Error Display options. If the should tobacco be banned analyst guesses what could be the reason for ire counter, the failure in the product then he/she could go with Keyword search operation where the Analyst could type the possible error query and check if the failure occurred for the same reason. And If the product was not working only from a particular time then the suggested search operation would be Date and Motifs and Symbols Dream, Time and ire counter, Search. 5.3.2 Sequence Diagram for Simple Search. Figure 5.5:- Sequence Diagram for Simple Search. This sequence diagram shows the chilean mining interactions between the User and ire counter, the Simple Search operation. 5.3.3 Sequence Diagram for Keyword Search.

Figure 5.6:- Sequence Diagram for Keyword Search. This sequence diagram shows the interactions between the User and chilean, the Keyword Search operation. 5.3.4 Sequence Diagram for Date and Time Range Search. Figure 5.7:- Sequence Diagram for Date and Time Range Search. This sequence diagram shows the ire counter interactions between the nursing communication User and ire counter, the Date and Time Range search operation. 5.2 Use case Diagram of the system. A use case diagram is a type of behavioral diagram created from a Use-case analysis. Its purpose is to present a graphical overview of the functionality provided by a system in terms of mining disaster actors, their goals (represented as use cases), and any dependencies between those use cases. Figure 5.8:- Use case Diagram for Log Analyzer Tool.

The above use case diagram shows the scenario where the user can operate on ire counter the Log Analyzer Tool. Firstly Initiate the Log Analyzer Tool, provide options for user to select the search type among the three modules and provide other inputs to the tool to successfully perform search on disaster the Log Files and yield accurate result. The implementation phase of the ire counter project is where the detailed design is actually transformed into working code. Aim of the chilean disaster phase is to translate the ire counter design into a best possible solution in a suitable programming language. This chapter covers the of nationalism in ww1 implementation aspects of the ire counter project, giving details of the programming language and development environment used. It also gives an overview of the core modules of the nursing communication project with their step by step flow. The implementation stage requires the following tasks. ‘ Careful planning of how the project is to be carried out. ‘ Investigation of system and ire counter, constraints required to accomplish the project. ‘ Design of methods to successfully abide to future changes.

‘ Evaluation of the changeover method. ‘ Selecting suitable platform to develop the project. ‘ Selecting appropriate language for mining, application development. 6.1 Language Used For Implementation. Implementation phase should perfectly map the design document in a suitable programming language in order to achieve the necessary final and correct product. Often the product contains flaws and gets ruined due to incorrect programming language chosen for implementation. In this project, for ire counter, implementation purpose Java is of nationalism chosen as the programming language.

Few reasons for which Java is ire counter selected as a programming language can be outlined as follows:- o Platform Independent: Java compilers do not produce native object code for a particular platform but rather ‘byte code’ instructions for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Making Java code work on a particular platform is then simply a matter of writing a byte code interpreter to on gay marriages, simulate a JVM. What this all means is ire counter that the Themes, Motifs Midsummer Essay same compiled byte code will run unmodified on any platform that supports Java. o Java is object-oriented: Java is object-oriented because programming in Java is centred on creating objects, manipulating objects, and making objects work together. This allows creation of modular programs and reusable code. o Java is distributed: Distributed computing involves more than one computer on a network working together. Java is designed to make distributed computing easy with the ire counter networking capability that is inherently integrated into on gay marriages it. o Java is platform-independent: One of the most significant advantages of Java is ire counter its ability to move easily from one computer system to another. (c) Running programs within a Web browser: Java has a strong API support to run programs within web browser. o Rich Standard Library: One of Java’s most attractive features is its standard.

library. The Java environment includes hundreds of classes and methods in six major functional areas. Language Support classes for advanced language features such as strings, arrays, threads, and exception handling. Nursing Communication. Utility classes like a random number generator, date and time functions, and container classes. ‘ Input/output classes to ire counter, read and should tobacco, write data of many types to and from a variety of sources. ‘ Networking classes to allow inter-computer communications over a local network or the Internet. ‘ Abstract Window Toolkit for creating platform-independent GUI.

‘ Applet is ire counter a class that lets you create Java programs that can be downloaded and run on a client browser. o Applet Interface. In addition to being able to create stand-alone applications, Java developers can create programs that can download from a web page and run on a client browser. o Garbage Collection. Java does not require programmers to explicitly free dynamically allocated memory. This makes Java programs easier to write and less prone to memory errors. o Swing Support. Swing was developed to provide a more sophisticated set of GUI components than the earlier Abstract Window Toolkit. Swing provides a native look and feel that emulates the look and feel of several platforms, and also supports a pluggable look and feel that allows applications to have a look and feel unrelated to the underlying platform.

6.2 Platform Used For Implementation. A platform is a crucial element in stages, software development. A platform might be simply defined as ‘a place to ire counter, launch software’. In this project, for examples, implementation purpose. NetBeans -IDE 8.0.1 is used. 6.2.1 NETBEANS- IDE 8.0.1.

NetBeans is a multi-language software development environment comprising an integrated development environment (IDE) and an extensible plug-in system. Ire Counter. It is written primarily in on gay, Java and can be used to develop applications in ire counter, Java and, by nursing, means of the ire counter various plug-ins, in other languages as well, including C, C++, COBOL, Python, Perl, PHP, and others. NetBeans employs plug-ins in nursing, order to provide all of its functionality on ire counter top of (and including) the runtime system, in contrast to some other applications where functionality is typically hard coded. The NetBeans SDK includes the maslow NetBeans java development tools (JDT), offering an IDE with a built-in incremental Java compiler and a full model of the Java source files. This allows for ire counter, advanced refactoring techniques and code analysis. The IDE also makes use of a workspace, in this case a set of metadata over a flat file space allowing external file modifications as long as the nursing corresponding workspace “resource” is refreshed afterwards. Swing: The Java Foundation Classes (JFC) consists of five major parts: AWT, Swing, and Accessibility, Java 2D, and ire counter, Drag and nursing, Drop. Java 2D has become an integral part of AWT, Swing is ire counter built on top of AWT, and Accessibility support is tobacco be banned built into Swing. The five parts of JFC are certainly not mutually exclusive, and Swing is expected to merge more deeply with AWT in future versions of Java. Ire Counter. Swing is a set of classes that provides more powerful and flexible components than are possible with the AWT. In addition to the familiar components, Swing supplies tabbed panes, scroll panes, trees, and tables.

It provides a single API capable of supporting multiple look-and feels so that developers and end-users are not locked into disaster a single platform’s look-and-feel. The Swing library makes heavy use of the MVC software design pattern, which conceptually decouples the data being viewed from the user interface controls through which it is viewed. Swing actually makes use of a simplified variant of the MVC design called the model-delegate. Swing possesses several traits such as’ o Look and feel. Platform independence both in terms of its expression and its implementation, extensibility which allows for the “plugging” of ire counter various custom implementations of specified framework interfaces Users can provide their own custom implementation of these components to override the nursing communication default implementations. Ire Counter. Component-orientation allows responding to Themes,, a well-known set of commands specific to ire counter, the component. Specifically, Swing components are Java Beans components, compliant with the Java Beans Component Architecture specifications.

Through customizable feature users will programmatically customize a standard Swing component by assigning specific borders, colours, backgrounds, opacities, etc, configurable that allows Swing to respond at runtime to fundamental changes in its settings. Finally look and feel allows one to specialize the look and feel of widgets, by essays, modifying the default via runtime parameters deriving from an existing one, by creating one from scratch, or, beginning with J2SE 5.0, by using the Look and Feel which is configured with an XML property file. This project mainly consists of ire counter 3 Modules. They are: – o Simple Search. o Keyword Search. o Date and Time Range Search. 6.3.1 Simple Search Module.

Figure 6.1:- Block Diagram for Simple Search. Initially the user is given option to select a single log file or multiple log files or an entire log folder based on the users choice to perform the of nationalism in ww1 simple search operation. Then user must select files for which log parsing must be performed .After the User selects the files, the ire counter selected file names along with entire path are displayed on a table which allows the analyst to know on what component the maslow search is performed, the tool also allows analyst to open the ire counter file within framework to cross check if the analyst is performing the operation on the file which is of interest. It also provides options to chilean mining disaster, delete single file from the table or the entire list of ire counter files from the tables. Then selects one of the error display options (Default, Severe, and Warning). By selecting Default the tool displays both Severe and Warning with highlighters for user to easily locate them, on selecting Warning or Severe it displays only them. Further the analyst clicks on Themes, in A Midsummer Start Search button which performs the search on the files for the selected error display option , displaying the grepped result by creating individual tabs for the files to ire counter, avoid confusion to know which result belongs to should tobacco be banned, which file. Ire Counter. Once the user has started the on gay search, options are given to ire counter, abort the operation. Should Tobacco. Every tab changes colour to indicate that the operation has completed in that File. Progress Bar is provided to indicate the operation is ire counter still in progress and also a text saying ‘Search Completed’ pops after the entire search has completed. 6.3.2 Keyword Search Module.

Keyword Search is essays marriages used when the analyst already guesses what could be the ire counter reason for the failure of the product. So this module allows the analyst to selects the Log files or entire folder of log files, then the analyst enters the possible query for which they think the failure has occurred. Selects the Matching Type (Match Case, Starts With, Ends With, All Cases). Further start search, here the grepped errors are displayed with yellow highlighter. At any point of time the search could be aborted and resumed providing flexibility for the analyst. 6.3.3 Date and Time Range Search Module. Similar to Simple and Keyword Searches Date and Time Range Search greps the content within the Start and End Time and displays it to the user/Analyst to study about the product with information available from the log files . Analyst studies the log information for which the failure occurred in the product and provides relevant solution to overcome the problem faced by the clients. System testing is actually a series of different tests whose primary purpose is to fully exercise the Motifs and Symbols Essay computer-based system.

Although each test has a different purpose, all work to verify that all the system elements have been properly integrated and perform allocated functions .The testing process is actually carried out to make sure that the product exactly does the same thing what is supposed to do. Testing is the ire counter final verification and validation activity within the organization itself. In the testing stage following goals are tried to achieve:- o To affirm the be banned quality of the project. o To find and eliminate any residual errors from previous stages. o To validate the software as a solution to the original problem. o To provide operational reliability of the system. During testing the ire counter major activities are concentrated on the examination and modification of the source code. 7.1 Unit Testing. Here each module that comprises the overall system is tested individually. Unit testing focuses verification efforts even in the smallest unit of nursing communication software design in each module.

This is ire counter also known as ‘Module Testing’. The modules of the system are tested separately. This testing is carried out in the programming style itself. Unit testing exercises specific paths in a module’s control structure to nursing communication, ensure complete coverage and maximum error detection. This test focuses on each module individually, ensuring that it functions properly as a unit.

Hence, the naming is Unit Testing. Ire Counter. In this step each module is found to work satisfactorily as regard to the expected output from the examples in ww1 module. This testing is ire counter done to check for the individual block codes for their working. It is done so that when we carry out functional testing then the units which are part of these functionalities should have been tested for working. After successful completion of unit testing or module testing, individual functions are integrated into classes. Again integration of in ww1 different classes takes into place and finally integration of front-end with back-end occurs.

o Integration of functions into classes. At the start of coding phase only the functions required in ire counter, different parts of the program are developed. Each of the functions is coded and tested independently. After verification of correctness of the different functions, they are integrated into their respective classes. o Integration of different classes. Here the different classes are tested independently for Motifs Night's Essay, their functionality. After verification of ire counter correctness of outputs after testing each class, they are integrated together and tested again. o Integration of front-end with back-end. The front-end of the project is developed in Java Swing environment. The user interface is designed to facilitate the user to input various commands to the system and view the system’s normal and faulty behaviour and should tobacco, its outputs. The back-end code is then integrated with the GUI and tested.

7.3 Integration Testing. Data can be lost across interface. Ire Counter. One module can have an adverse effect on another. Maslow Stages Of Development. Sub functions when combined, should not reduce the desired major function. Integration testing is a systematic technique for constructing the program structure. Ire Counter. It addresses the issues associated with the dual problems of verification and program construction. The main objective in this testing process is to take unit tested modules and build a program structure that has been dictated by design. After the software has been integrated, a set of high order tests are conducted. All the modules are combined and tested as a whole. Here correction is difficult, because the isolation of errors is chilean mining complicated by the vast expanse of the entire program.

7.3.1 Top down Integration. This method is an incremental approach to ire counter, the construction of program structure. Modules are integrated by moving downward, beginning with the main program module. Modules that subordinates to the main program module are incorporated into the structure in either a depth first or breadth first manner. 7.3.2 Bottom-up Integration. This method begins the essays on gay construction and testing with the modules at the lowest level in the program structure. Since the modules are integrated from bottom to up, processing required for modules subordinate to a given level is always available. Therefore in this case the need for stubs is eliminated. The following integration testing table shows the ire counter functions that were combined into essays on gay marriages different classes and the class as a whole tested for its functionality. This is important to check for error-free interaction between various classes, and maintenance of data integrity. Table 7.1:- Integration Testing Table.

Classes Integrated Functions Integrated in each class Tests Performed Remarks. Class : Main InitComponents() ‘ Check whether initial screen with appropriate components displayed to ire counter, user. ‘ Check if proper Search Panel are opened on selection from the Initial Screen Success. Class: ClosableTabbedPane ClosableTabbedPane() ‘ Check if each Tabbed pane are closable within each search option Editor pane. Class: SimpleSearch DefaultOption() ‘ Check for the selected error display if the grepped result is displayed with proper highlighters. Success. SSHLGreenWarning() ‘ Check if displayed result is with proper highlighters Success. SSSelectFiles() ‘ Check if File, Files or Folder can be selected Success. Class:SimpleTablePopUp SSTPopUp() ‘ Also Check if files displayed on the Table could be opened within the Framework. And Symbols Midsummer. Delete single Files and delete all files from the table. Success.

Class:SimpleSearchClearPanel SSClearPanel() ‘ Check if on click of the clear button if components of Simple Search is Cleared Success. Class: KeywordSearch MatchCase() ‘ Check if the grepped result displayed correctly with respect to the pattern match type selected. Class:KeywordHighlighter KSHLYellowQuery () ‘ Check if the pattern matching the keyword entered is highlighted with yellow colour Success. Class:KeywordSelectFiles KSSelectFiles() ‘ Check if File, Files or Folder can be selected Success. Class:KeywordClearPanel KSClearPanel() ‘ Check if Clear Button clears the components of Keyword Search Panel. Class:KeywordTablePopUp KSTPopUp() ‘ Also Check if files displayed on ire counter the Table could be opened within the Framework. Delete single Files and delete all files from the table. Success. Class: DATRSearch StartAndEndTime() ‘ Check if the displayed result is with respect to Start and end time specified. Success.

Class: DATRSelectFiles DATRSelectFiles() ‘ Check if File, Files or Folder can be selected Success. Class: DATRHighlighter DATRHLGreen() ‘ Check if the Start and End time Highlighted with green colour Success. Class: DATRClearPanel DATRClearPanel() ‘ Check if Clear Button clears the components of DATR Search Panel. Class: DATRTablePopUP DATRTPopUp() ‘ Also Check if files displayed on the Table could be opened within the Framework. Delete single Files and delete all files from the table. Success. 7.4 SYSTEM TESTING.

In this stage the stages software is tested from all possible dimensions for all intended purposes and ire counter, platforms. In this stage Black box testing technique is normally used. System testing of software or hardware is testing conducted on in A Dream a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system’s compliance with its specified requirements. System testing falls within the ire counter scope of marriages black box testing, and as such, should require no knowledge of the inner design of the code or logic. As a rule, system testing takes, as its input, all of the “integrated” software components that have successfully passed integration testing and also the ire counter software system itself integrated with any applicable hardware system(s). The purpose of integration testing is to detect any inconsistencies between the software units that are integrated together (called assemblages) or between any of the assemblages and the hardware. Essays. System testing is a more limited type of testing; it seeks to detect defects both within the “inter-assemblages” and also within the ire counter system as a whole. 7.5 White Box Testing.

White box testing (clear box testing, glass box testing, and transparent box testing or structural testing) uses an internal perspective of the system to design test cases based on internal structure. It requires programming skills to identify all paths through the software. The tester chooses test case inputs to exercise paths through the code and determines the appropriate outputs. While white box testing is applicable at the unit, integration and should, system levels of the ire counter software testing process, it is typically applied to the unit. While it normally tests paths within a unit, it can also test paths between units during integration, and between subsystems during a system level test. Though this method of test design can uncover an overwhelming number of examples of nationalism test cases, it might not detect unimplemented parts of the specification or missing requirements, but one can be sure that all paths through the test object are executed. Using white box testing we can derive test cases that: o Guarantee that all independent paths within a module have been exercised at least once. o Exercise all logical decisions on their true and ire counter, false sides.

o Execute all loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds. o Execute internal data structure to assure their validity. 7.6 Black Box Testing. Black box testing focuses on maslow stages of development the functional requirements of the software. Ire Counter. It is also known as functional testing. It is communication a software testing technique whereby the internal workings of the item being tested are not known by ire counter, the tester. For example, in a black box test on software design the tester only knows the inputs and what the communication expected outcomes should be and not how the program arrives at those outputs. The tester does not ever examine the ire counter programming code and tobacco be banned, does not need any further knowledge of the program other than its specifications.

It enables us to derive sets of input conditions that will fully exercise all functional requirements for ire counter, a program. Black box testing is an alternative to white box technique. Rather it is a complementary approach that is likely to uncover a different class of errors in Themes, in A Midsummer Essay, the following categories:- o Incorrect or missing function. o Interface errors. o Performance errors. o Initialization and termination errors. o Errors in ire counter, objects.

o The test is unbiased as the examples of nationalism designer and the tester are independent of each other. o The tester does not need knowledge of any specific programming languages. o The test is done from the point of view of the ire counter user, not the chilean mining designer. o Test cases can be designed as soon as the specifications are complete. 7.7 Preparation Of Test Data. Preparation of test data plays a vital role in the system testing. After preparing the test data, the system under study is tested using that test data. While testing the ire counter system by using test data, errors are again uncovered and corrected by using above testing steps and maslow stages, corrections are also noted for future use. 7.7.1 Using Live Test Data. Live test data are those that are actually extracted from organization files. After a system is partially constructed, programmers or analysts often ask users to ire counter, suggest data for test from their normal activities.

Then, the systems person uses this data as a way to partially test the system. Nursing. In other instances, programmers or analysts extract a set of ire counter live data from the files that they have entered themselves. It is difficult to stages of development, obtain live data in sufficient amounts to ire counter, conduct extensive testing and although the realistic data that will show how the system will perform for the typical processing requirement. Assuming that the should be banned live data entered are in fact typical; such data generally will not test all combinations or formats that can enter the system. This bias toward typical values then does not provide a true system test and in fact ignores the ire counter cases most likely to cause system failure. 7.7.2 Using Artificial Test Data. Artificial test data are created solely for test purposes, since they can be generated to test all combinations of formats and values. Motifs In A Dream Essay. In other words, the artificial data, which can quickly be prepared by a data generating utility program in the information systems department, make possible the testing of all login and control paths through the program. The most effective test programs use artificial test data generated by ire counter, persons other than those who wrote the programs. Maslow Stages Of Development. Often, an independent team of testers formulates a testing plan, using the systems specifications.

7.8 Validation of ire counter components. Functionality to be tested Input Tests done Remarks. Initial Screen User Interaction with the Screen to Select search Options Check if appropriate panel open with respect to mining, the Search option selected Success. Simple Search panel No files selected or/and No display error options selected Prompt the user that files or/and error display options must be selected in order to ire counter, perform search Success. Keyword Search Panel No files or/and No Query entered Prompt the user to select files or/and enter a keyword to perform search Success. Date and Time Range Search No Start Time or/and No End Time Entered Prompt the user to enter Start Time or/and End Time Success. INTERPRETATION OF RESULTS. The following snapshots define the results or outputs that we will get after step by step execution of all the modules of the system.

8.1.1 Log Analyzer Build. The above snapshot shows the time taken to successfully build the Log Analyzer Tool. NetBeans took only 2second to launch the Log Analyzer. 8.1.2 LOG ANALYZER Initial Screen. The above snapshot shows the initial screen after the tool has launched. The Initial Screen has a Search Tab which contains different search options provided to examples in ww1, the user with the help of the ire counter combo box. 8.1.3 Simple Search Initial Screen. The above snapshot is for the Simple Search Option Selected from Different search option provided in the combo box. The Simple Search tab contains a tool bar which holds the following components Select Files Button which opens a file chooser to select files to perform the simple search, a combo box from which the error options can be chosen (Default, Warning and Severe). It also contains a Selected Files table which displays the selected files full path name, the editor pane opens new tabs for the files present on on gay the selected files tables and ire counter, these tabs are closable, clear button is used to clear the components of the simple search screen. 8.1.4 Simple Search Select Files.

The above snapshot shows how files are selected by the file chooser to perform search. 8.1.5 Simple Search Selected Files Display. The above snapshot shows how the path name of the files selected are displayed on the Selected Table. 8.1.6 Simple Search Error Display Option (Default) In Progress. The above snapshot displays that the search is in communication, progress, the error display option selected here is Default. When the ire counter search is still in maslow of development, progress the screen where the bugs grepped are displayed will have a white background and a progress bar is used to ire counter, notify the user that the search is still progressing. 8.1.7 Simple Search Error Display Option (Default) Completed with Highlighters. The above snapshot shows that the search is maslow completed for files selected and for the error display option. Ire Counter. The user gets to know if the search is completed for nursing, that particular tab when the background colour of the ire counter editor pane changes to grey from white and also to improve the readability highlighters are provided to highlight the error display option selected Warning is maslow stages of development highlighted with Green and Severe which should be taken more care of is highlighted in Red.

Once after the search is ire counter complete for examples, all the files selected it is also indicated to the user with a popup text Search Complete. 8.1.8 Simple Search Error Display Option (Warning) In progress. `The above snapshot is shows the output for ire counter, the Warning error display option type which is chilean mining progress, where the grepped result is highlighted with green. 8.1.9 Simple Search Error Display Option (Warning) Completed. `The above snapshot is shows the output for the Warning error display option type , where the grepped result is highlighted with green and search is completed. 8.1.10 Simple Search Error Display Option (Severe) Completed. The above snapshot displays the output for ire counter, the simple search where the error display option selected is Severe which is highlighted with red colour when the essays on gay search is ire counter completed. 8.1.11 Simple Search Error Display Option (Severe) NO RESULT. This snapshot displays the result when the file does not contain Severe error. It indicates the maslow user by ire counter, displaying the Results Found is nursing communication zero. 8.1.12 Simple Search Validation.

The above snapshot shows the validation for the simple search where a message pops up when the search button is clicked without selecting the files to perform search. 8.1.13 Keyword Search Initial Screen. This snapshot displays the Initial screen of the Keyword search. 8.1.14 Keyword Search Select Files. The above snapshot shows how files are selected by the file chooser to perform search. . It has a button for selecting the ire counter files to perform search, the communication keyword text field is provided for the user to enter the ire counter keyword to communication, be searched, a combo box is provided to ire counter, select the matching type (All Cases, Match Type, Starts With, Ends With) and a button to start search. The Keyword search screen also contains the selected files table and a editor pane which opens different tabs for the files selected to perform search. The tabs are created with respect to the files selected and these tabs could be closed individually and also a popup menu is provided to close all the tabs at once. Chilean Mining. When the ire counter search is in progress at any point of time the should tobacco be banned search could be aborted at resumed. 8.1.15 Keyword Search Open File from ire counter, selected the Table. The above snapshot shows a log file from the selected table is stages opened within the ire counter framework.

Other menus provided in the popup menu are Delete Single File (Delete), Delete All the files from the table (Delete all). 8.1.16 Keyword Search Pattern Match Type- All Cases. The above snapshot displays the stages of development result for the Pattern match type- All cases where it displays the result irrespective of the alphabet case sensitivity. 8.1.17 Keyword Search Pattern Match Type- Match Case. The above snapshot displays the result for the Pattern match type- Match Case where it displays the ire counter result only for those characters matching the text entered in the keyword text field. 8.1.18 Keyword Search Pattern Match Type- Starts With (Result)

The above snapshot is the output displayed for the pattern matching type- Starts With. 8.1.19 Keyword Search Pattern Match Type- Starts With (No Result) The above snapshot is the output displayed for nursing communication, the pattern matching type- Starts With. Ire Counter. But here since there are no results which Starts With the keyword entered in essays marriages, the keyword text field the result shown to ire counter, the user is Result found is examples of nationalism in ww1 zero. 8.1.20 Keyword Search Pattern Match Type- Ends With (Result) The above snapshot is the output displayed for the pattern matching type- Ends With. The result is displayed for Ends With the ire counter keyword entered in the keyword text field the result shown to the user with yellow highlighter. 8.1.21Keyword Search Pattern Match Type-Ends With (No Result)

The above snapshot is the tobacco be banned output displayed for the pattern matching type- Ends With. The result is displayed for ire counter, Ends With the marriages keyword entered in the keyword text field the result shown to the user is Results Found is zero since there are no such bug within the ire counter file which matches the should keyword entered in the keyword text field. 8.1.22 Keyword Search Select Files Validation. The above snapshot is the output for the validation where start search button only after entering the keyword without selecting the files to perform the search. 8.1.23 Keyword Search Query Field Validation. The above snapshot is the output for the validation where start search button is clicked only after selecting the ire counter files to perform search without entering the keyword.

8.1.24 DATR Initial Screen. The above snapshot is the screen which is displaying the Initial Screen for the Date And Time Range Search which has Start and End Time Field. 8.1.25 DATR Start Time. The above snapshot shows the mining result where the Start Time is highlighted with green colour for the grepped result. 8.1.26 DATR End Time.

The above snapshot shows the result where the End Time is highlighted with green colour for the grepped result. 8.1.27 DATR Select Files Validation. The above snapshot is a validation output shown for ire counter, the Date And Time Range where only the be banned time field is ire counter entered without selecting the tobacco files to perform search. 8.1.28 DATR Time Field Validation. The above snapshot is ire counter a validation output shown for nursing, the Date And Time Range where only ire counter, files are selected to perform search without entering the Start and End Tie Fields. This Tool reduces the time of the Analyst in finding the bugs within the Log Files manually. It facilitates the Analyst in examples of nationalism, finding the bugs within the Log Files or the folder consisting log files in less time providing operations like Simple Search, keyword Search, Date and Time Range Search within the ire counter same framework. The selection of the search type depends on the situation, experience of the Analyst.

When loading a single Log File onto and Symbols in A Midsummer Essay the application was a problem Log Analyzer searches for errors/bugs in the log file or log files or a complete folder consisting of log files providing proper Highlighters for ire counter, the Search Type. In future we could Add Remote host within the frame work which would directly search the bugs for the product on the client machine rather than asking the clients to make a copy of the Log Files in a shared location which the analyst and the client has access to. Another enhancement could be, provide an option to Display Errors like All errors or distinct errors where All errors option could be used when analyst is interested to know the count of the maslow stages bugs within the log file and Distinct error option could be used to see only one occurrence of the a error which is the cause for ire counter, the failure. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Information Technology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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How to Keep Good Teachers Motivated. This week, Education World's Principal Files team chats about what they do to keep good teachers motivated. Ire Counter! What special things do they do to inspire teachers to keep learning and improving their skills? What do they do to keep up staff morale and make their schools fun places to work? Our principal team shares their best ideas for encouraging teachers to keep on examples plugging. Included: More than two dozen practical ideas for keeping teachers motivated. Given the state of school budgets, it is ire counter, extremely difficult for stages, most principals to do substantial things to motivate and inspire teachers.

But sometimes little things can make an even bigger difference! That's why Education World recently asked our Principal Files principals to share with us some of their best ideas for keeping teachers motivated. As usual, our principals responded with dozens of practical ideas. This month's P-Files question reminded principal Les Potter about Robert Greenleaf, author of Servant Leadership. Greenleaf's idea is that administrators need to serve the worker, explained Potter. At our school we try to ire counter, do that. We work hard at making things less difficult and chilean complicated.

We try to cut down the ire counter amount of paperwork our faculty must do, limit the number of staff meetings, streamline procedures. Administrators at Potter's school try to nursing, show teachers every day that they care in ire counter, many ways. We have an examples of nationalism open-door policy, they see us picking up trash and cleaning cafeteria tables, we arrive on campus before they do and ire counter we are here when they leave, and nursing communication we do not have designated parking or other perks sometimes associated with management, Potter said. Administrators always have to put aside their own issues and do what is best for students and staff in a caring and sensitive way. We try not to say no to ire counter, teachers, and we always treat them as adults. Principal Tony Pallija agrees. Maslow Stages Of Development! He and the rest of his administrative team try to do lots of special things for the entire staff -- from special little gifts to Cookie Day. We try to pretend we are at IBM -- we treat everyone as a professional and ire counter we celebrate whenever we can, said Pallija. The material things are nice, but I have a motto that I try to live by each day: My job as principal is to mining disaster, make the teacher's job easier, better, so they can teach and ire counter students can learn.

Developing a positive school climate is critical to an effective school, added Les Potter. Morale is a very tentative issue. You can do 99 things right and make one mistake that will shoot morale forever. RECOGNIZING THOSE WHO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND! All teachers yearn for maslow stages of development, reassurance that they are doing a good job. Most principals recognize teachers' efforts by ire counter, offering positive feedback -- both publicly and privately. Weekly memos or e-mails, and regular staff meetings, are the perfect forums for recognizing special contributions that teachers or other staff members make.

Principal Jeff Castle includes such recognitions in staff memos and during a special celebration portion of marriages each month's faculty meeting. He also makes a special point of spotlighting efforts teachers make to develop projects that involve students across grade levels or with other schools. Ire Counter! Castle hopes those special recognitions encourage others to be banned, consider projects that extend learning outside the walls of individual classrooms. With all teachers have to do, motivation is the ire counter key to communication, keeping them focused and feeling worthy, principal Larry Davis told Education World. Ire Counter! Davis reports that at each month's staff meeting at his school two teachers are awarded the Golden Apple for should tobacco, their above-and-beyond efforts. The neat thing about the Golden Apple is that the teachers select its recipients!

Each of the ire counter winners of communication this month's Golden Apples are responsible for passing on ire counter the award to in ww1, another worthy teacher at next month's meeting. Many principals try to leave a little extra money in the budget to recognize outstanding efforts with small personal gifts such as prepaid phone cards or store gift certificates. Recently, one principal gave a phone card to ire counter, a teacher who stepped in without being asked (because the principal was out of the building) and took over an after-school program for a teacher who was stuck in a dentist's chair having a tooth pulled. Not every school can budget for a faculty retreat, but such an effort can go a long way toward building collegiality and morale. At The American School in of nationalism, London, lower school principal Julie Ryan has fond memories of a two-day retreat held an hour north of the ire counter city two years ago. Parts of the conference center where the retreat took place dated back to essays, the time of Elizabeth I (16th century).

Retreat activities included a mix of socialization and team-building activities; analysis of the strengths and ire counter weaknesses of the school's culture; and creating essential agreements about essays, how we want to work together, Ryan told Education World. STICKY NOTES, OLYMPIC GAMES, TV STARS, MINI GRANTS, MORE! Principal Teri Stokes tries to observe every teacher at least two times a month. Many of those visits are unscheduled, snapshot stops. Ire Counter! Before heading on to the next class, Stokes takes a moment to scribble a positive comment or two on a sticky note. On the way out of the room, she sticks that note to the door or the teacher's desk. In addition, Stokes often drops little feel-good cards or inexpensive gifts in teachers' mailboxes or on maslow stages of development their desks. One year she provided each teacher with a Beginning-of-the-Year Survival Bag that included odds and ends, each with a special significance. Does this sound like an idea you might want to employ?

If so, you'll find some great ideas for ire counter, putting together a Teachers' Survival Kit in the Education World article When All Else Fails, Turn to the Survival Kit! Principal Marie Kostick uses a snapshot observation strategy similar to the one Teri Stokes uses. Tobacco Be Banned! In addition, she takes advantage of ire counter local television stations that reach out into the community to offers awards such as The Class Act Award or the Excellence in Themes, and Symbols Midsummer Essay, Teaching Award. Kostick nominates members of her staff who go beyond the call of duty. Reporters from the ire counter television stations come to school to interview the essays marriages teachers and present them with certificates. Each teacher is then recognized in a TV spot that is ire counter, broadcast several times in one week. To build a strong team, principal Phil Shaman held an disaster Educational Olympics at this school one year. Ire Counter! Teachers were divided into essays on gay teams and competed in a variety of events. All events required that team members support each other to complete a task.

Events, planned with the support of his physical education staff, were both athletic (for example, relay events and ire counter a team table tennis match in which team members had to alternate hits) and non-athletic (such as going through a maze blindfolded). Many states and some local school districts offer reward monies for tobacco be banned, schools whose students show improvements on standardized tests. In some schools, those monies are divided among contributing staff. In other cases, that money can be used to support additional purchases for the school. At Silver Sands Middle School, staff members voted to ire counter, set aside a chunk of that money for maslow stages of development, mini-grants, principal Les Potter told Education World.

Staff members complete a simple form to request a mini grant that will benefit their students. 20 MORE GREAT IDEAS FOR MOTIVATING TEACHERS. Education World's Principal Files principals shared dozens of great ways to motivate teachers. So far, we have mentioned just a handful of those ideas. Following is a list of more than 20 additional ideas presented by principals already mentioned above: Plan noon-hour lunches for all staff members several times a year. (Don't leave out the paraprofessionals, the school secretaries, or the custodians!) Those lunches can be roving lunches in which people eat during their regularly scheduled lunch period, or they can be whole-staff lunches that kick off professional development sessions scheduled for the p.m. part of the day. Organize small fundraising activities to ire counter, raise money for an all-staff holiday or end-of-year banquet. For example, several times during the year faculty might be allowed to pay $2 to dress casually for the day. Contact local restaurants, sports franchises, movie houses, arts centers, and other businesses to arrange for Motifs in A Midsummer Night's, gifts, gift certificates, tickets, or discount coupons that can be used as special prizes for ire counter, teachers or coaches who volunteer their time or who go above and beyond. Encourage teachers to seek out professional development courses or workshops. Approve all reasonable requests.

Then get extra mileage out of disaster those sessions: Set aside time during each staff meeting, or arrange a special professional development day, so teachers can share with their peers the main ideas they learned from each session they attended. Encourage teachers to ask for the instructional supplies they require to facilitate teaching and learning. Ire Counter! Provide reasonable requests from the budget, or enlist local politicians or businesspeople to sponsor or help you track down other needed supplies. Organize a trip to the movies. Have you seen these articles from the Principal Files Series? Principals share the courses they wish they had taken before they took the job. Our principal team paints a picture of how school districts manage finding, training, and examples in ww1 retaining substitute teachers. Principals share ways in which they are using data to lead their schools to ire counter, success. Stuck for ideas for effective staff meetings? Looking for Motifs Midsummer Night's, ways to make sure everybody is present and interested? Principals share the joys of the job plus words of encouragement for educators who might be considering the ire counter path to the principal's office.

The December holidays can be such a busy time. Instead of adding one more thing to examples of nationalism, do and one more expense to the month of December, why not spread around the fun? In October, for example, one school held Secret Spook Week. Those teachers who wanted to participate filled out a profile form that asked questions about favorite colors, foods, drinks, hobbies, and ire counter so on. Then each participant drew another staff member's profile form and became that person's Secret Spook. Each Secret Spook provided small token gifts for Motifs and Symbols Midsummer Night's Dream, the other person all week long. The total expenditure for each participant was set at $10. Include on each weekly staff memo a quick activity idea that might be tried out in ire counter, the classroom, a quote related to education, or a short school-related joke. (Note: Each issue of Education World's Weekly Newsletter includes a Last Laugh section with several funny stories and jokes.

Feel free to copy and paste them for use in examples of nationalism in ww1, your own weekly memos or parent newsletters.) Send cards to teachers to ire counter, welcome them back after an Themes, and Symbols in A Night's Dream illness, celebrate a birthday or another important event, or recognize a special achievement. Add a copy of those special achievements cards to teachers' personnel files. Once a semester, or once a quarter, provide all staff members with a come-late-to-work-no-questions-asked form. (Or give that form to staff members who logged one or no absences in the most recent quarter.) That form represents two hours of time that can be taken at the start or end of the school day for any reason -- from sleeping in to ire counter, getting a head start on the weekend. Be Banned! The only catch is that the ire counter form must be cashed in in advance so arrangements can be made to free an administrator or somebody else to cover the staff member's responsibilities. Little things like this cost no money and demonstrate that administrators are willing to should, go the ire counter extra mile for the folks who work for them. Provide free coffee in the teacher's lounge from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. every day.

Select a Teacher of the Month. Chilean Mining Disaster! Set aside a special parking space close to the main faculty entrance that is marked with a Reserved for the Teacher of the ire counter Month sign. To motivate professional development, arrange study groups (perhaps organized by grade level) to read a book or discuss and research a current hot topic. Set up a schedule to ensure that every educator makes at least two visits to nursing communication, other teachers' classrooms or other schools during the year. Arrange coverage for those teachers. You might set up a special arrangement with other schools to open their classrooms to your teachers, but teachers should also be able to ire counter, make their own arrangements for visitations to classes/schools they have learned about should, through the ire counter grapevine. Feed the teachers! Celebrate the end of a busy week by maslow of development, arranging to have the ire counter cafeteria staff prepare a special continental breakfast -- beverages and muffins, rolls, or coffee cake -- every Friday morning. (Even once a month would be nice!) Don't forget to do something nice for maslow, the cafeteria folks a couple times a year. Appoint a teacher to be acting principal when you are out of the building. (This usually convinces them that they love being a teacher!) Make sure that everyone is on a committee that meets regularly and ire counter that they have real tasks and stages of development opportunities for real input in school-level decision making.

Arrange to have music played (or piped in) during faculty meetings. Music stimulates the brain. Be sure to publicly commend staff members who go above and beyond outside of the ire counter school day -- by volunteering to and Symbols Night's Dream, be part of ire counter district-wide or state-level committees, for example. Approach the parent-school association, local business partners, Jaycees, or other groups to gather materials and labor to accomplish various fix-it projects that the should tobacco Board of Education is unable to tackle. Organize a social committee to plan events just for fun. One such event might be a monthly Treat-Your-Friends Tuesday. Each month a different group of teachers brings themed food items to share during the ire counter day in the teacher's lounge.

During Teacher Appreciation Week hold a daily drawing for a 1/2-day off certificate. The principal will cover the class when you take that time off. For more Teacher Appreciation Week ideas, see a previously published Education World article, Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Make a spot on your weekly memo for maslow, a special thank-you or congratulations to ire counter, individuals or the entire team. For example: Thank you for chilean, organizing Red Ribbon Week! Thanks for the extra effort on parent teacher conferences! Thank you to the bulletin board fairy who decorated the board in ire counter, the workroom. Educator recounts how her school's administrators used the Survivor television show as a theme to strengthen teams, build camaraderie, present challenges -- and teach a few lessons about how to create a quality classroom environment for students. Included: Survivor activity ideas and teacher reactions! Submit your own lesson plan for a chance to receive a FREE $50 Classroom Supplies Gift Card! Receive timely lesson ideas and PD tips.

Sign up for our free weekly newsletter and receive. top education news, lesson ideas, teaching tips and more! No thanks, I don't need to stay current on maslow stages of development what works in education! COPYRIGHT 1996-2016 BY EDUCATION WORLD, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.